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Yuli (Name) Sex Gbinni (Meaning)

PagnaaFemaleMeaning pending
PagsanaFemaleMeaning pending
PagwuniFemaleMeaning pending
PanyeliMeaning pending
PiitiUnisexMeaning pending
PurguluuMeaning pending
PusagriMeaning pending
PuumayaFinally got that I longed for
RahmaMaleMercy: Mercy of God.
SagimsimliUnisexSpoilt friendship. Given a child who is born while a relationship with a good friend is souring.
SagsimliMeaning pending
SahaUnisexLuck, time,Success.
sakaraMalevery heavy rains have caused no harm to the bird not to of light rains.
SalmaFemaleGold, Precious
SalnoljiUnisexWhatever happens, a human being would not eat grass
SalpawuniMankind is no God
ShagbaaMaleThat which you reject you shall return to seek
SheeDeity; Given to a child conceived after consultation with oracle
ShimayaThe soul has rested (settled)
ShimbuMeaning pending
ShinkabeUnisexLiteral- be quiet and "be there". Alternate meaning "ignore them and live your life"
ShisalgaMeaning pending

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