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Yuli (Name) Sex Gbinni (Meaning)

Nburdiba (Mburdiba)See Nbodiba
NeemitooniMeaning pending
Neena (Nina)FemaleMeaning pending
Neendo (Nindow)MaleMeaning pending
Neenpaga (Ninpaga)FemaleMeaning pending
NeinaFemaleThe enlighthened or bright one.
NgarbaMeaning pending
NgulbaMeaning pending
NjelawuniMeaning pending
NkaboMeaning pending
NkpahinbaMeaning pending
NkpahinbangMeaning pending
NkugeMaleI will not accept or agree
NlibgibaI have taken them by surprise
NmugbandiniMeaning pending
NninbawulaMaleWhat have I done to them
NsaayaI have learnt a lesson
NyagsiMaleSame as Wunbei
NyangdiniMeaning pending
NyunzabriMeaning pending
NyuraUnisexMy love
NyuunibaMeaning pending
PaanyoriII have profited
PagkpemaFemaleOld woman elderly woman

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