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Yuli (Name) Sex Gbinni (Meaning)

BandamdaMeaning pending
BangahimThe chosen
BangbebuUnisexBan mi behigu. Behave well. Name often given to a pet (dog)
BanibangUnisexLiterally, they will know. Meaning, what has been elusive will become clear.
BankaniBankana nya
BechalmaUnisexLeave me alone
Begang-soMaleImpartial, fair, neutral,unprejudiced
BegmaliUnisexone who is born at dawn
Beje (Buje)Unisex
BelanabraMeaning pending
BendibaUnisexMeaning pending
BenetiUnisexWe have been woken. We were asleep and knew not the ways of the world.
BeniwumUnisexEverybody will hear about your exploits (Your fame will go far and wide)
BepantinyaThey will come to see
BewuhumayemLet them show wisdom
BewumyaThey have heard
BeyomaMeaning pending
BicheldimUnisexLet them forget the enemy
bilsiMale(multiplying)small source of water that is always beneficial to the community or society.a child expected to be a source of hope & benefit to the society
BimagaMeaning pending
BisuroSame as Asuro
BizingAn outsider (to the family)
BoforoStill to come

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