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Yuli (Name) Sex Gbinni (Meaning)

ZalguMeaning pending
ZamaMeaning pending
ZanginaMaleMeaning pending
ZibaUnisexKnows not father. Given a child born after the fathers death
ZibaUnisexA child born after the father's death
ZilaataFemaleA girl born on Tuesday.
ZilinbongMeaning pending
ZingnaaMaleA child born on same day and time of a chief's death
ZipupuraMeaning pending
ZirliMaleMeaning pending
ZisungUnisexA blessed marital or communal relationship.
ZiyabaUnisexKnows not granfather. Given a child born after the grandfathers death"
ZokuloMeaning pending
ZoligiMeaning pending
ZomoMeaning pending
ZulandiMaleMeaning pending

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