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WumbeeUnisex(Wumbedoo for man and Wumbepaga for woman).The meaning of Wumbee is "Wuni beni". We all acknowledge the existence of God. Some ignorant Dagbamba may regard this name as fetish simply because non-muslems use this names. If they do not use such names, whi
WumtitiMeaning pending
WunbeiMaleMeaning pending
WuniMaleGod (Just like the Akan name Nyame); some people may take it to be a pagan name,for instance naming someone after a deity. But it depends how one looks at it.
Wuni-nmiUnisex It is God who knows all
Wuninam (Wunnam)Meaning pending
WunintiraMeaning pending
WunintitiGod's gift to us
WuninyeyaMeaning pending
WuniyikoUnisexGod's will.
WunnamFemaleGod's grace
WunpagaMeaning pending
WunpiiMeaning pending
WunpiniMaleGod's gift
WuntiaMeaning pending
WunvelaMeaning pending
WunyikoUnisexGod's will
WunzalguMeaning pending
WunzooyaMaleGod is Great.
WuricheMeaning pending
YabaniMeaning pending

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