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Yuli (Name) Sex Gbinni (Meaning)

Shitobu (Sitobu)FemaleMeaning pending
SibriUnisexSaturday born
sibroo( sibdoo)Male
SimaniMaleCorrupted version of Sumani, Osman
SimnyewuniGod is our friend
Simsi bagya nideezaaUnisexThe rightful will take their position.
SuglokonboUsually pet (dog) name
SugriUnisexGiven the first child of a newly enskinned chief (after enskinment)
SuhinyebebuMeaning pending
SuhiyiniUnisexOne heart
SukuliMeaning pending
SulemanaMaleNot a Dagbon yuli. A corruted form is Sulmani
TahamaFemaleHope. We are hopeful.
TakahiMeaning pending
TalaataUnisexTuesday born
Tali-mboUnisexThanks a lot
TampuliUnisexMeaning pending
TamsiMeaning pending
TaniUnisexMonday born
TarantulaUnisexsee Tarentula
TarentulaUnisexEven the quiet person can be explosive
TeebaMeaning pending
TehsungMeaning pending

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