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For Peace Up North - Let's Confront Problem

2006-02-17 15:04:35
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As the attention of the whole nation is engrossed in the debate over whether or not to extend registration desks and ballot boxes to Ghanaians who are voluntarily living abroad, trouble still brews up north in Dagbon, over matters related to the assassination of the Overlord, Ya Na Yakubu Andani II.

The Abudu-Andani clans, the protagonists in the conflict, have since the unfortunate assassination, been roaring at each other at various times, leaving no one in doubt that anytime the rest of the country may turn, looking the other way, they would go at each other's throat.

The vigilance of the security agents, as well as the workings of various non-governmental organizations in the region, is what have so far saved the two blood-related clans from destroying their heritage.

The Chronicle has indicated, time and again, that it is important for the institution of chieftaincy, if it is to survive in contemporary times, to demonstrate that trait through visionary leadership, as a few chiefs here have.

It is important that the problem of succession be properly dealt with, possibly at the National House of Chiefs level, to address the problem of succession, or based on the problems identified so far, come up with their independent advice to the people of Dagbon, since whatever fallouts emerge from this long-standing dispute would further taint the institution.

The failure of the Government to find a permanent solution to the Dagbon crisis has left many Ghanaians disappointed.

Even though the impasse is a delicate one that needs tact and diplomacy, the Ghanaian public expects the government to get this thing over with, particularly when the government prides itself with equipping the security agencies to maintain law and order.

When President Kufuor granted an interview to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sometime ago, his evident discomfiture, when confronted with the subject of the northern conflict was very disconcerting.

The security agencies and the law must deal ruthlessly with all troublemakers identified as being behind the firing of weapons or putting up behaviours that have the potential of disturbing the peace.

As is clearly manifest, the situation up north has made the place unattractive for potential investors, as well as other key human resources needed to contribute to the development of the region.

It is important also for the opinion leaders of either faction in the Dagbon crisis and other conflict areas up north, to recognize the harm the absence of peace in the area has done to their progress and mend their ways.

The people, especially the youth, must also recognize the need to unite and not continue to fall prey to the divisive tendencies of their fathers and grandfathers.

After all, if direction is not forthcoming from a top-bottom approach, they can show their elders the way through a bottom-up initiative.

It is the belief of The Chronicle that if the amount of energy being expended on the ROPAB is devoted to finding a solution to the Dagbon and other northern conflicts, we shall bring these matters to closure, for peace to prevail for development of this part of Ghana, identified as poverty-prone.


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