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Urgently Needed: Peace Up North

2006-01-12 12:21:59
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Chieftaincy is one institution that was revered a lot, and was the center around which communities and townships revolved.

Such was the awe that surrounded the institution that towns and villages that hitherto had no stools or skins for that institution decided to carve and shape some for themselves and to look for people to occupy them, symbolizing authority of the area given them.

We have in the past commended the visionary exploits in recent times of three traditional leaders, namely:

The commendation arose from the various developmental ventures they have embarked upon to ensure the progress and development of their people.

Unfortunately, there are too many troubled spots in the country that go a long way in undermining the credibility of that institution.

Whereas these troubled spots spread across the length and breadth of the country, the levels of such conflicts on the northern part of Ghana, particularly over the past two decades, is such that it has left too many lives and properties wasted.

This becomes more worrying if one considered the level of deprivation characterizing that part of the country. With the lives of able-bodied men and women cut short prematurely, the socio-economic impact on the living is, without doubt, very alarming.

In these conflicts, beyond the human casualties, farms and cattle that define the economic livelihood and sustenance of the people in these areas have been destroyed.

The conflicts have also discouraged potential investors from starting up any businesses in the area, leaving the place with very little job opportunities.

The conflicts have left in their trail endemic poverty levels that make the youth become easy prey to the machinations of warlords.

The reported high incidence of malnutrition, in the region of 43% of children in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions, far above the national average of 29.3%, must be of concern to all.

Malnutrition is symptomatic of poverty and therefore it becomes clear that there is the need to urgently do something about the poverty situation in the three northern regions.

However, any effort that could successfully make any meaningful impact in addressing this sorry situation would be dependent on the existence of a peaceful environment.

Unfortunately, many-a-time, the so-called royals, who fan these conflicts and in whose interest these battles are fought, are quite often insulated from the immediate impact of the conflicts.

The Chronicle is of the view that the youth in the north must wake up to the realization that the future of the area lies in their hands and that nobody with a noble intention would fan any conflict.

They ought to wake up to the reality that the future of the area is theirs and not allow a misguided few to lead them into disturbing the peace and spilling the innocent blood of their own siblings.

The Chronicle would like to impress upon the security agencies also, to impartially deal harshly with persons implicated in the disturbance of the peace in these areas.

We would urge our politicians to also refrain from exploiting these unfortunate situations to suit their narrow interests.

source: chronicle

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