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Let’s Silence the War Drums

2006-01-11 12:39:36
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It is unfortunate that some people want to beat the war drums at Bimbila in the Nanumba North District in the Northern Region.

Even though no death was recorded during an exchange of gunshots between supporters of the two factions in a chieftaincy affair, some people were injured and that is not good enough.

Reports say that the people are stockpiling arms in the area, apparently to prepare themselves for war should it erupt.

The situation has compelled the district security council to recommend the imposition of dawn to dusk curfew in the area. It is the surest way to avert any mayhem and disturbance and maintain the peace.

It is not a mere coincidence that peace-building advocate groups meeting in Tamale have called for the use of dialogue as a means of resolving crisis. Universally, it is accepted that no crisis has been resolved without going to the conference table.

With this in mind it should be possible for the feuding parties to exercise some level of caution and weigh any action of theirs that will disturb the peace. Certainly, the area is in so much need of peace to enable social activities to be carried out.

It is well known that the people in the area are hardworking farmers whose contribution to the food basket is so enormous that the volatile situation should not be allowed to continue.There are other dimensions that the feuding parties in the chieftaincy dispute should consider.

The Northern and neighbouring Upper West and Upper East regions have been identified as areas with high rate of malnutrition.

This means that serious and bold measures must be taken to reverse the trend. Obviously, it cannot be done without money. Consequently, if the area is engulfed in crisis, the government would be compelled to station security people there to maintain the peace at a heavy cost, to the nation.

It has not been easy to maintain the peace at Dagbon over a couple of years since the murder of the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani.

Clearly, such an expenditure could have been channelled into development projects which could have gone a long way to enhance the living standards of the people — given them good education, health services — to enable them to enjoy a secured life.

We expect that both the Northern Regional House of Chiefs and the courts would expedite action in their respective roles to ensure that peace and tranquillity prevail in the area.

It is recommended that the leaders of the contesting parties should soberly reflect on the consequences of their actions or inactions which would lead to a full-scale war.

They should not forget that if there is war, some of the people over whom they want to rule are going to die and we presume that the would-be traditional leaders would have loved that the dead were alive.

A careful reflection would enable them to resort to dialogue instead of violence.

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