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Tamale Water: What Happened to the Ultimatum?

2005-12-15 20:20:23
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Water Shortage
We recall that some months ago, ADM reported an a one-month ultimatum given by the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing to the people in charge of the Northern Region capital's waterworks to solve the municipality's water problems.
We have brought this up because of the attempt by two NDC MPs to give the impression that the people of Tamale are being "punished" because they exercised their democratic rights in voting NDC in the last general elections. See story on page 3. Tamale's water problems have existed for close to three decades or more. In fact, when the NDC was in power for 20 years, the municipality had a water supply problem.

They DID NOT solve it. It is a deep-seated problem that requires practically going back to the very basics of redesigning the city's entire water and sewerage system. Tamale's MPs can be of more practical use to their city if they stop trying to score cheap political points on issues they could not solve when they were in power and rather cooperate with the Municipal Assembly to put pressure on the appropriate authorities to act with a sense of urgency to solve the problem.

Thankfully, in response to the two MPs, the Special Assistant to the sector minister has outlined the actions being taken so far to ameliorate the situation. The minister himself has followed up with radio interviews on the problem.

A delegation from the MPs and the leadership of the Municipal Assembly to the sector minister would be a useful starting point; after all, it was he who gave an ultimatum, months ago for the problem to be solved. The Tamale water problem is real and requires the cooperation of all to solve it.

And while we are at it, what is the Minister of Interior telling the people of Tamale about the murder of "Iran-Iraq" and others? His one-month ultimatum to the police to find the killers has long expired.


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