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Re: Big Progress in Dagbon Peace Talks

2005-09-20 14:57:06
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I am here to draw your attention to a news item on the front page of your paper (Accra Daily Mail) dated 12th August, 2005, with the above title in which I was cited as an associate of the Andani Gate.

I wish to make the following submissions, which I hope you would give the same prominence as the news item, in your future publication to educate the reading public as regards my position as the Kug-Naa.

In the event of the death of a Ya-Naa, Kug-Naa, is the acting Ya-Naa and is always in consultations with the bereaved family concerning the burial of the Ya-Naa and installation of a regent until the final funeral rites are performed and a subsequent Ya-Naa is installed.

The consultation with the bereaved family does not make me an associate of that particular family. I was surprised that your paper should cause my defamation so baselessly, nationwide, especially from you who should know better.

A redress of that unfortunate situation will be appreciated because my integrity is now doubtful in the minds of your readers.

MY POSITION I have stated in most of my correspondences with stakeholders in the Dagbon crisis that I shall: "Remain impartial in all of my dealing, at all times, with all and sundry.

"Deal only with appropriate persons according to Dagbon custom but not with sundry as expected by self-claim leaders.

" Adhere only to Dagbon customs, the tried and tested procedure of our ancestors.

I believe that in that regard, I have kept my promise as a seasoned custodian of Dagbon customs. My accusation therefore comes from uninformed minds new to the demanding steadfastness needed to stick to the customs by the occupants of the high office of Gbewaa Tradition.

For your information, I am the customary Grandfather of both the Abudulai and Andani Royal Families of Dagbon and the Arbitrator and Chef Justice of Custom.

Customarily, I am the Grandfather of ALL Ya-Naa's, a position for which I don't associate my office or myself with a particular Dagbon Royal Family Gate.

I will be very grateful if my request would be granted in good faith.

Yours faithfully,

Abudulai Braihma (KUG-NAA)

source: accra-mail

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