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Zaya Yeebo Launches Magazine

2005-08-05 23:03:03
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The media market in Ghana is about to welcome a new edition to its ever-expanding magazine market. Called the Ghanaian Oracle, this monthly magazine is the brainchild of Zaya Yeebo, a journalist and former Secretary of Youth and Sports in the PNDC government of 1982. It promises to go where no other magazine has dared. The Ghanaian Oracle “is a monthly magazine of news analysis, information, campaigning and culture.
It provides a forum for people of progressive orientation and thinking to debate ideas, opinions and action relevant to the development and progress of Ghana and its people.”, says Zaya Yeebo.

Asked whether the Ghanaian media market is not saturated already, he replied, “no, this initiative is different from all the others. Firstly, it is a monthly magazine, secondly, it will report on issues of development, poverty and inequality and focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless in Ghana and Africa. This makes the Oracle different from all the others that you have seen already”, he replied. Adding, “we will use the Ghanaian Oracle to encourage debate, and also and campaign for the radical changes necessary to meet the material and spiritual needs of all Ghanaians and Africans in general.”

The Ghanaian Oracle has been in the making for the past two years, it is only now that the initiators are taking concrete steps to release it to the market. “If you look at Africa today, the magazine business is picking up. We in Ghana have a lot to do in terms of catching up with the rest of Africa; this is where we come in.” Asked about financing and editorial independence, Zaya said: “this magazine is independently financed, to ensure that it enjoys the freedom that any magazine needs to make it credible and provide news analysis that is not influenced by controlling interests. We will strike the right balance between objectivity and the needs of our readers”, he added.

One of the magazine’s mission is to encourage new writers of talent from journalism schools and the society in general. It will ensure that the magazine enjoys the best of Ghanaian writing, and encourage people who have never written for magazines to try their hands on this form of writing. “We want to encourage and nurture new writers of talent, develop the talent of our youth, and ensure that young people develop the skills to write in a clam atmosphere.”

The first edition of the Ghanaian Oracle is expected in October this year, thereafter, it will make a regular appearance.

source: public agenda

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