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Andani Royals to Gov't: Find Yaa-Naa killers

2013-03-27 20:59:46
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Ya Naa Yakubu
Andani Royals in Dagbon have marked the 11th Anniversary of the death of the late Dagbon Overlord, Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II with a call on government to find the Killers.

The Yaa-Naa and forty others of his retinue died on March 27, 2002 during the Dagbon conflict which lasted for three days. As an annual ritual, the Andani Royals have since been observing the day with special prayers, road procession and memorial lectures.

In an interview with Citi News ahead of a planned road procession in Tamale, Spokesperson for the Yaa-Naa Memorial Lecture, Mahama Shaibu said the Andanis were getting impatient over government’s silence on the NDC 2008 campaign promise to find the Killers of the Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II.

“The Yaa-Naa Memorial Lecture Secretariat is calling on the Mahama led NDC administration to fulfill its campaign promise of establishing a presidential commission to find the killers of the Yaa-Naa and his subjects.”

He continued, “Even though the NDC 2008 campaign manifesto clearly commits the government to establish a presidential commission to look into the matter, the party and government is now shying away from the promise, making we the committed Andanis wonder what the problem really is.”

Mahama Shaibu threatened that the Secretariat will soon name and shame politicians especially from the Andani family who capitalized on the Yaa Naa’s death to win political power.

“We condemn those who claim to be Andanis who have a voice in government today but do not want to pursue justice for the Yaa-Naa, adding their preoccupation is to use it only when it will give them political advantage.”

Mahama Shaibu thus implored President John Mahama to turn a new leave by placing premium on the matter as the Andanis could no longer tolerate the delay in finding the Yaa- Naa Killers.

“President Mahama should show his commitment to continuing what his predecessor late President Mills started; it is imperatively incumbent on him to fulfill that aspect of the NDC’s manifesto so it does not look as if President Mills deceived the Andanis into voting massively for him in the last elections.”

He fumed, “Posterity will not forgive any stakeholder who helped directly or indirectly to fashion out the promise in the NDC manifesto and pronouncements to that effect on political platforms to garner votes for the NDC, only to turn their backs on the promise.”

The Yaa-Naa was born in August 1947 and ascended to the Dagbon Kingship in 1974 until his death in March 2002.


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