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Abudus Spit Fire

2013-03-12 21:26:06
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The Abudu Royal Family in the Dagbon chieftaincy dispute has warned that it will also act in contravention to the Road Map to Peace, if the Security Committee in the Yendi Municipality (MUSEC) continues to show bias against them.

A news release issued by elders of the Abudu Gate said “MUSEC should at all times be a neutral actor in the Yendi conflict. Any future attempt to violate the Road Map to Peace by the Andani Royal Family will be met with equal attempt by the Abudu Royal Family to also act in violation of the Road Map to Peace.”

According to the elders, they received reports on February 15 that some Chiefs from the Andani Royal Family accompanied by MUSEC were in the process of inspecting Yani-Traditional houses with the motive of repairing them to pave way for the final funeral rites of the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani II in flagrant disregard to the ‘Roadmap to Peace’ and when they contacted the security committee, they told them that the Abudu Gate led by the Mion Lana was part of the planning.

“The Abudu Royal Family was troubled by this development and decided to invite all Abudu Chiefs and elders in Dagbon to a meeting in Yendi on the 24th of February 2013.”

The release said a strong delegation of chiefs led by the Banvim Lana was sent to the Mion Lana to ascertain from him personally whether he was aware of the said inspection of all traditional palaces by the Andani Royal Family.

The Mion Lana, in the presence of his elders, categorically denied any knowledge of the inspection let alone planning with the Andanis to have the late Ya Na Yakubu’s funeral performed before the late Ya Na Mahammadu Abdulai’s funeral.

“We, the undersigned members of the Abudu Royal family, wish to bring to the notice of MUSEC that the Mion Lana was not aware of the inspection, and that it was a unilateral exercise embarked by the Andani Royal Family,” they said.

“This is definitely a recipe for confusion in Dagban, something that MUSEC can prevent by ensuring that all parties abide by the provisions of the Road Map to Peace.”

The release was copied to the Chairman of REGSEC, the Regional Commander of Police, the Regional Commander BNI, all in Tamale as well as the Divisional Commander of Police, the Divisional Commander BNI, the Military Detachment, other MUSEC Members, all at Yendi.

The Abudu royals who signed the release include: Naaton Naa Sulley Alhassan, Mion Lana, A. Ziblim Gundo Naa Samata Abdulai, Korligbanlana M. M. Mahama, Gusheigu Gbanlana Abukari Bawa, Diare Gbanlana Abukari Abdulai, Bamvumlana Mahama Abdulai, Bonaa Bukari Alhassan, Pigulana Natogma Yakubu.


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