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Three alleged witches face banishment from Tamale

2012-12-20 23:01:48
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Three old women in Tamale are at risk of being banished from the Tamale Metropolis by the Dakpema Naa after it emerged from a shrine that the three are allegedly linked to the bad health condition of a young lady.

The young lady in her mid-twenties accompanied by her relatives reported to the Chief of Tamale, Dakpema Naa Mahamadu Alhassan Dawunii that, her own mother has been attempting to kill her spiritually in connivance with other women.

The Dakpema Naa, upon recieving the report, summoned the alleged witches to his palace for interrogation. They were later sent to a shrine to confirm whether indeed they were witches who possessed the alleged spiriutal powers they are being accused of.

At the shrine out of a total of five old women three were confirmed to be witches by the shrine leader and linked to the bad health of the young lady.

This provoked the anger of residents of the area who attempted to lynch the women.

However, they were rescued by subjects of the Dakpema Naa, who then confined them in a room with the young lady and has given them 72hrs to restore the young lady's health.

By the customs and traditions of Dagbon if someone is accused of witchcraft and linked to the death or bad health of a person, it first has to be reported to the chief of the area.

The chief will then summon the victim and the accuser for interrogation before being sent to the shrine of the spiritual chief of the area for spiritual consultation.

The spiritualist does the confirmation by holding two brooms over the head of the accuser, while reciting incantations and appellations to the gods.

Well, surprisingly, when the two brooms held over the head of the victim, is crossed at the neck and by some spiritual powers, no one is able to uncross the brooms, no matter how hard they tried, the Spiritual Chief concludes that the accuser is indeed a witch.

Human Rights Activists have condemned the act of subjecting women to such humiliation in a bid to satisfy societal norms and traditions, which are mostly outdated.


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