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So Who is Frustrating and Stalling Peace in Dagbon?

2005-07-19 13:19:50
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After the ugly noises of Election 2004 over the Dagbon crisis, the passions have died down somewhat.
It all seems so quiet on the Dagbon front now. But is it? ADM has been following developments which sometimes seem so hopeful and other times are simply despairing.

A number of institutions and individuals have been discreetly moving between the disputing parties to work out a lasting settlement.

Sometimes just when some settlement is about to be reached something untoward - inadvertent or deliberate - takes place and things stall once more.

A leading facilitator, Sheikh S. M. Sibidow, the Coordinator of the Dagbon Consultative Congress, a private NGO, has cause to distrust certain "negative interventions" in the peace process…

The following statement was issued last Friday July 15, 2005 by the Dagbon Consultative Congress on the current disposition of the peace process..

It is regrettable to state that but for certain negative interventions, a positive announcement would have been made by Manhyia and Kuga, three weeks ago (Friday July 1, 2005) climaxing three weeks of intensive and wide-ranging consultations at Yendi.

In view of the latest development, which amounts to stalling of the process of resolving the Dagbon Crisis, once again, we are constrained to advice and recommend the following: 1. The current activities of the UNDP be suspended as well as that of other well endowed international NGOs immediately.

Their mode of operations is not only expensive but encourages intransigent and opportunistic political operatives already benefiting enormously from their stand in the crisis, to continue to issue unrealistic and untenable demands.

2. All MPs from Dagbon should be suspended and asked to go and join Kuga Na, the Dagbon Consultative Congress and the Catholic Bishop of Yendi to broker a lasting resolution of the Dagbon Crisis.

3. ¢10 million be deducted from the share of District Assembly Common Fund of each MP as well as ¢5 million from the salary of all DCEs of Dagbon and paid into the account of Dagbon Traditional Council to be operated by the Kuga Na and Yendi DCE to help finance the outstanding funerals of paramount chiefs, gate skins and of course that of the late Ya Na Mahammadu Abdulai before the burial and funeral of Ya Na Yakubu.

4. Some state officials are advised to avoid unwittingly encouraging certain intransigent characters in Dagbon, while at the same time passing misleading judgments on the intension of genuine peace makers, based on wrong perceptions fed to them by those opportunistically benefiting from the Dagbon Crisis as so-called relatives of the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani.

5. The Government and the main opposition NDC must review their current myopic opportunistic and misguided attitude being exhibited in the Dagbon Crisis, as a matter of urgency to bring about speedy end to the crisis. We dare say that speedy resolutions of the Dagbon Crisis is in their best interest. The alternative is disaster for them all

6. Finally, if no positive and indication of progress towards resolving the Dagbon Crisis is announced by Manhyia Palace and Kuga by August 15,2005, we would urge all other Ghanaians to treat Dagombas with open contempt, just as many innocent Muslims are currently experiencing in London as a consequence of irresponsible un-Islamic actions of warped minds calling themselves Muslims.

by: Sheikh Sulemana M. Sibidow (Co-ordinator, Dagbon Consultative Congress)

source: accra-mail

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