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Yendi sits on time bomb

2012-04-23 22:53:45
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Gbewaa Palace
A former Yendi Municipal Chief Executive, Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani, has been accused of mobilising some Abudu youth to retaliate over the death of one of their members over the weekend.

Last Friday, a young man, Abass Oman, 22, was reported dead as a result of renewed chieftaincy clashes in the Yendi Township. The clashes were triggered by the enskinment of the Lamashegu chief by the Dagbon Regent, the Kampakuya-Naa Andani.

The deceased and five others suffered gunshot wounds and were rushed to the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Alhassan Sumani, the Yendi NDC youth Secretary for Balogu-Fong, alleged that the former Yendi MCE, who currently is the NPP parliamentary candidate is mobilising the Abudu youth to retaliate.

“He was with a group telling them that after they went and buried and return they are also going to come and get one person to replace what happened; so in the meeting there one of them called and told us that this is what is going on so we should get means of preventing it,” he asserted.

He added: “When it came out we went to the police and reported the case and even went to the BNI office and reported it so later we heard that they have stopped what they are planning, but they are still insisting that they are going to find a day and revenge and that is why we are also prepared for them when they are coming out, we will also retaliate again.”

But Alhaji Tijani rubbished the allegation and threatened to seek legal redress against whoever is attempting to damage his reputation.

“I think it will be the figment of somebody’s imagination to think that a Parliamentary candidate will want to create confusion in Yendi and if I get the person who said this I will take legal action against him,” he said.

Alhaji Tijani noted: “What I can only say about what the person said is that they fear and they know that I am going to take the seat so anything they can do to tarnish my hard won reputation they will do it and I think it is ridiculous.”

The Yendi NPP parliamentary candidate rather pleaded with his kinsmen to channel their resources into farming and other productive ventures as the farming season approaches.

“Farming season is approaching and we should channel our energies towards farming and not fighting because fighting will not solve any problem,” he said.

“As a parliamentary candidate of the area, I will rather want peace to prevail so that I will win convincingly, so I will only call on the people of Yendi and Dagbon to give peace a chance because we need peace, we are one people with a common destiny,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Police Commander, DCOP George Tuffuor told Citi News his command was re-strategising to avert any possible clash in the area.

“I heard this information yesterday but we are organising our men and re-strategising to get the place as peaceful as anything so we will tame it whatever the situation will be; it is a rumour which we don’t have to take it lightly,” DCOP Tuffuor said.

DCOP Tuffuor revealed: “We learnt that some chiefs will be coming to Yendi tomorrow and that is what people are saying, that when they come the other side will attack them and I think we have heard and we are preparing towards that; We have learnt that the Regent has summoned all the chiefs within his jurisdiction to come to Yendi and with that information the Abudus are saying that they will attack them when they come, this is the rumour we are hearing and we haven’t authenticated it.”


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