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"Arrest Bolin Lana"-Andani Royal Family Demands

2012-04-04 21:24:27
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Bolin Lana
The Andani Royal Family has called for the arrest of the Bolin lana for allegedly indulging in the enskinment of chiefs in Dagbon, a move the family says is contrary to the customs and traditions of Dagbon.

It says Dagbon has one regent and the authority of the Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Andani is not in dispute, adding it is his customary and natural right to exercise the high office of regent of Dagbon as did his predecessors.

This is contained in a statement issued in Tamale and signed by Secretary of the Andani Youth Association Baba Issifu.

The statement warned that Dagbon like any other civilized society will always have one leader and any attempt to create a parallel authority will be resisted at all cost.

The statement says it is baffling that a few years ago at the Wuaku Commission the Bolin Lana declared that he was not a chief and wondered why he has arrogated unto himself the status of an overlord with the powers to enskin other chiefs.

The statement declares” this double standard is not only mischievous but smacks of a reckless ambition that can plunge Dagbon into a bloody turmoil”.

The statement says the purported enskinment of Nantogmah Ziblim as Kpating lana is a clear violation of the customs and traditions of Dagbon, adding the latest ambition of the Bolin Lana to be seen as the ultimate authority of Dagbon is a recipe for disaster which will trigger a deadly and bloody clash in Dagbon.

The statement therefore calls on the National and regional security councils to, as it puts it, nib in the bud the infantile and youthful exuberance of Bolin lana to subvert Dagbon in a critical period when Ghana is craving to ensure peaceful elections.


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