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Destruction of Arms

2005-07-12 13:14:41
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The news that more than 600 pieces of arms and ammunition have been destroyed at a ceremony in the Tamale municipality to mark the United Nations Day for the Destruction of Arms is significant to us as a nation.

The fact is that Tamale and Yendi are two of the most turbulent spots in the country and any move to avert the eruption of another violence will be in the interest of the country.

It is worrying that large sums of money are spent every month to maintain security in the major hot spots in the country,including Nkonya-Alavanyo,money that could have gone into development efforts.

In the specific instance of the Dagbon conflict we have always maintained that it is painful to lose a relative in events such as what happened in Yendi and led to the death of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.

The psychological trauma,the pain and the emotional disturbances are all real.Equally true is the fact that it is impossible to bring back to life the late Ya-Na and the other people who suffered that despicable act.

Consequently,it should be possible to bury the hatchet now,while efforts are being made to track down all those who might have been involved in that heinous crime.

It is with this understanding that we applauded the efforts of youth groups that gave the indication recently that they were going to work towards peace and security in the area so that development efforts could go on.

It is in this same vein that we welcome the co-operation of the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo towards mediation efforts by the committee set up to resolve their long-standing conflict.

We consider these actions as laudable and should be encouraged by all those who want to see the return of enduring peace and security to such trouble spots.

By all indications,the billions of cedis spent annually to maintain peace could be used to provide water, school and health facilities which would enhance the living standards of people in those areas.

In the circumstance,we consider the action of the destruction of arms and ammunition as significant, since there could not have been a better choice. However, we are not concerned about the ceremony alone but also the effect it would have on the people.

That is why we expect that the message would be diffused to the level of the schoolboy to enable the people to appreciate the need to avert any violence that would break out again after the relative peace.

We make this passionate appeal to all those enmeshed in destructive conflicts to reflect on our suggestion that they should give peace a chance.

The underdevelopment of any part of the country as a result of conflicts affects the whole country.We all thus have a stake in anything that happens to the peace and orderly development of any area.

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