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Bimobas and Konkombas are not fighting-Chiefs

2011-07-12 22:13:44
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The Chief Nankpanduri,Naa David Kansuk 11,(Bimoba) who is also a Medical Assistant by Profession and Naa Nimoh Naabare also the Chief of Kpemale a (Kokomba) in the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District Assembly in the Northern region have held a joint press conference denying media reports that they are at war because of a parcel of land.

Bimoba chief Naa David Kansuk II gave a brief of the matter on his behalf and also on behalf of fellow Kokomba Chief Naa Nimo Naabare at the palace of the Nankpanduri Chief.

They described the report of inter-ethnic fighting as misleading. Naa David Kansuk II said the area was nearly thrown into chaos as a result of the media report.

He said despite past the conflicts in the area, people have closed position and lived peacefully for several months without any breach of the prevailing peace in the area.

According Naa David Kansuk,the peace that we are enjoying in Nakpanduri/Kpemale has never been breached at all ,therefore land matter would never coursed them go at loga heads

"The Kokombas and the Bimobas in Kpemale /Nakpanduri are at peace with one another, there is no cause for alarm and I am assuring everybody that there has not been any fighting in Nakpanduri. "Naa Kansuk added.

He further mentioned that, they are living together and even they inter-marry these days and so everybody should feel serve cos there is perfect peace in Kpemale /Nakpanduri and its environs and that there is no fighting at all.

He said and I quote ,"The Kokomba chief and I are here to signify to the whole world that there is no trouble at all in Nakpanduri”.

District Chief Executive for Nankpanduri, Philip Larry expressed disappointment at the news report of violence of some media houses.

He said, he was highly dissatisfied when reports came out on this subject which led to One known criminal at night giving warning shots in the bush with the intention of putting fear and panic into the people, to enable him steal animals and other valuables.

He stressed that the information that come did not play any positive role at all and possibly did not also serve the purpose of news.

The Presiding Member of the District,Dr Bension Biokun ,in an interview ,called on the media to assist in the development of Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District positively ,He commended some media houses over the had work in National and District Development ,

Dr Bension, advice various Editors, to do a cross-check at the correct sources especially through their regional reporters before putting any information public.


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