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Appeal For Return To The The Roadmap To Peace In Dagbon

2010-11-12 22:58:58
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The Ghana Network for Peacebuilding, GHANEP (WANEP-Ghana) has observed with deep concern the current stall in ensuring the success of the roadmap to peace in Dagbon. The recent withdrawal of the Abudu Gate from participating in the Asantehene-led Eminent Chiefs’ mediation process is a source of worry for all and has the greater potential to derail the peace process for Dagbon especially when an adjudication process is also ongoing.

Our concern is premised on our monitoring of the dynamics in the Dagbon communities in the midst of court trials on issues of criminality, the Eminent Chiefs’ process, the relationship that exist between the court trials and the Eminent Chiefs process, and the tendency for heightened tensions as a result of the withdrawal by the Abudus from the mediation table that may pose greater challenges in maintaining the current stability and achieving lasting peace for Dagbon.
Understandably, mediation efforts take place within an environment of mutual dialogue, respect and understanding, where concerns around the interests and rights of the parties are mutually addressed paving the way for a smoother forward process. The concerns must also be addressed in the environment where there is openness, honesty and trust on, both the parties and the facilitators. It means that the dignity of the parties involved in resolving the Dagbon crises must be maintained and any action tended or purported to question the neutrality and reputation of the facilitators therefore calls for immediate intervention particularly in the case of the Dagbon crisis.
Much as we understand that peace processes are continuing processes, the Otumfuo led process which enabled the installation of the Kampakuya-Na, as the Regent of Dagbon and the subsequent burial of the Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, which both the Abudu and the Andani gates hailed, was seen as a success and setting the stage for the rest of the roadmap indicators to be implemented.

In the light of this understanding, GHANEP humbly calls on members of the Abudu gate to return to the negotiation table of the Eminent chiefs and help ensure the smooth implementation of the peace process of Dagbon. We are hopeful that the faction becomes mindful of the fact that their decision today can create a new Dagbon for their generations where there is peace and stability. We make this appeal with the notion that the decision of the Abudu Gate to withdraw from the process is with good intent and can occur in any peace process especially in our current democratic freedoms and Rights but not intended to derail it. But we are conscious that it is better to remain and help address the challenges in the peace processes than quit where their concerns are never addressed. The process can then have a broader focus and not focus on only finding a successor to the Dagbon skin.

We similarly call on the Andanis and their supporters to, not in the face of the turn of events take any action that would further heighten the existing tensions and uncertainties on the Dagbon crisis.

We call on the Eminent chiefs, the lead facilitators and all other facilitators to remain focused and resilient and ensure that the process continues.

Lastly, we call on the good people of Dagbon to remain calm and steadfast in their desire for peace and not take any action that may further derail the process of finding a lasting solution to the Dagbon Crisis.

Justin Bayor
National Network Coordinator


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