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Tamale-Gushegu-Yendi roads unmotorable

2009-12-14 20:22:52
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The two main roads linking Tamale to Gushegu, and Yendi to Gishegu, are increasingly becoming unmotorafole and inaccessible, to the discomfort of both passengers and drivers.

The two untarred roads, which can be described as "death traps," have developed deep potholes and ditches that put the lives of passengers at high risk.

At the moment, most commercial drivers and transport owners have withdrawn their vehicles from the roads due to their bad nature, compounded by the regular accidents being recorded on a daily basis on the roads.

The only transport system operating somehow effectively is the Metro Mass Transit (MMT), but it has also reduced its operations to once a day, since the nature of the roads has increased the number of hours spent in travelling to and from Gushegu.

It now takes the bus about six good hours to travel the 87 kilometer Tamale-Gushegu road, instead of the normal maximum of two hours.

A visit by the Chronicle to the Gushegu uncovered successive governments’ insensitivity to the plights of the people up North.

In spite of the large quantity of agricultural products transported from the north to southern sector of Ghana, farmers still undergo produce to the market centres.

Alhassan Issif’u, a 12-acre rice and sorghum farmer at Gushegu, told The Chronicle that the only means of transporting their produce was in bicycle and motorbikes, since tractor owners were taking advantage of the bad nature of the road to charge exorbitant fares.

According to him; he wanted to cultivate about 20 acres this year, but was afraid of losing the yield, since he would not have enough money to transport his produce.

"Sometimes, you will farm very big. but you will not have any means to transport the food to the market, and even when it gets onto the market, people w ho have never taken a cutlass to weed, will determine the price for you, which is very bad."

The 49 year old farmer asserted that most of’ the time you have to place an order for weeks or months before a fanner may get access to the services of a tractor, therefore he usually uses some of his children on his farm during harvesting.

When contacted, the District Chief Executive for Gushegu, AlhassaFuseini,affirmed the serious effect the road was having on the socio-economic activities of the people.

Hetherefore appealed passionately to the government, to consider tarring the Tamale to Gushegu and Yendi to Gushegu roads to facilitate business activities.


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