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Kusaasi Union invite Mamprusis for Peace Dialogue

2009-10-01 23:02:39
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The Kusaasi Union of Accra, a youth association, has stated that it is time all habitants of Bawku came to the realisation that killing one another would not be a solution to the conflict in the area.

According to the union, they should rather be interested in how to develop the area, and secure the future of children who have had to be out of school because of the conflict.

“It is time for us to have the millions of cedis being spent on peacekeeping redirected to development investments. It is time we should begin to measure our strength by how united we are in fighting for the development of Bawku, and not who has killed who, or who is stronger than who. The days of guns and bullets should be considered over,” it noted.

In a press statement signed by the Secretary of Kusaasi Union of Accra, Mr. James Abugri, over the weekend, it stressed that for almost two years now, the once peaceful and commercially vibrant town of Bawku had seen no peace, adding that residents of the area continued to suffer the devastating ravages of a protracted ethnic conflict between the Kusaasis and Mamprusis.

“Numerous interventions have been made both at the local and national levels aimed at finding lasting peace in Bawku, but these interventions hardly bear any meaningful fruits before the resurgence of violence, which usually results in loss of lives and property,” the statement intimated.

It pledged its commitment to efforts aimed at bringing lasting peace to Bawku, adding “Not only are we committed to the peace processes, we also wish to announce our resolve as natives of the area, to get involved in efforts and activities that will restore peace and tranquility in Bawku and its surrounding communities.”

It reiterated that the Bawku conflict had nothing to do with chieftaincy, because issues of chieftaincy had been resolved long ago.

It was not happy with the decision of the Mamprusi leaders and representatives to withdraw from the Bawku Peace Committee, which had become one of the pivotal peace building institutions for the area, and called on the Mamprusis to take the same steps the Kusaasis have embarked upon, to bring lasting peace to Bawku.


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