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Is Atta Mills Neglecting Gonjaland People?

2009-01-31 10:44:21
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Is Atta Mills disrespecting the Vice President, John Mahama, and all of Gonjaland?

This is a rude awakening Gonjaland people!!! All Gonjaland voted massively for NDC. John Mahama worked tirelessly with many Gonjaland peoples for the NDC. But, for the first time in the History of Ghana, since Independence in 1957, not a single Gonjaland person is on the Cabinet of the National Government. This is a slap in the face of all Gonjaland peoples. This is unacceptable and all Gonjaland should protest the Government. Nkpana, and I mean all Gonjaland people and the rest of Ghana, this is not a joking matter. I also call on all Gonjaland peoples, home and abroad, to individually send a protest letter to Atta Mills. It is not acceptable. The Gonjaland voters cannot be taken for granted.

This is the time to let your voices be heard, loud and clear. We need people in the Cabinet to speak for Gonjaland interests. We need people in the Cabinet that will speak for the Savanna Region, the Gonjaland Region that was completely forgotten by the NPP regime. In fact, below is a response from a respectable individual. a prominent figure in Rawlings regime about this cabinet. If he, a non Gonja speaks out, we have no reason to be quiet. Just as we criticised constructively and responsibly (especially me) the Kufuor regime, we should not let the election of John Mahama as Vice deter us from pointing out what is wrong. Yes, constructive criticism for the good of Gonjaland and Ghana. This is the time for inclusion. In Gonjaland, our roads are bad, our schools are are terrible, our clinicsare non existence, our farmers do not even have hoes, our drinking water is atrocious, our sanitation facilities are nonexistence and our people have been relegted to the third citizenship status. this is not what Gonjaland voted for. W need representatives in the Cabinet yto high light our concerns.

As I said long time ago, the NPP regime used Alieu as a token Vice President. They treated him like a dog looking for bones left over by the Master. Eventually, they even said he was not a registered member of the Party. John Mahama is different. He is an accomplished politician who has worked very hard for the NDC. He enlistefd the support and voluntaruy services of our Chiefs and all in Gonjaland to turn to NDC. He persuaded even political rivals to turn to NDC. Today, when the party, NDC, is enjoying total victory in all Gonjaland, we are rewarded with just and "thank you, but no representation in the cabinet". Wake up NDC, wake up Attah Mills and wake up Gonjaland to demand inclusion.

So, read the comment below and send your protest notes to Mills.

Albert Nuhu


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