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War Drums Beat In Mampurugu

2008-10-14 15:51:46
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If the National Security and the Interior Ministry do not take prudent but prompt steps to address security concerns at Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo district in the Northern Region, the fragile peace in the area would sooner than latter be turned into a war zone.

At the heart of the problem is a list of chiefs namely, Na Golbila Nakpanduri Naba, Chief Kansuk M. David, Yun-yoo-Rana Yamyia Tooka II, who, informed sources have accused of flirting with the National Democratic Congress Party, as well as Prof. Nabilla who is said to have his apron strings tied to the People National Convention.

The Yunyoo Rana was a cadre in the PNDC days who turned into a deputy Regional Secretary and later metamorphosed into a deputy regional Minister under the NDC and is said to have authored a letter accusing other Chiefs of flirting with the ruling government. The issue pricking the concerned chiefs and creating confusion in the Area is that, the Yunyoo Rana’s political leaning is so glaring, and the fact of pointing accusing fingers at targeted chiefs makes it appear a hypocritical stance.

Worried indigenes of the Traditional Area say their worry stems from the fact that in as much as these leaders have a responsibility to play a father-figure’s role of protective cover, they feel it in their bones that the chiefs in question fear the real situation on the ground which very much favours the New Patriotic Party. The information available to THE SUN indicates that tension in the district has reached its zenith point, following some strange decisions taken by the Mampurugu Traditional Council during it’s meeting on October 2 and 3 last week at Nalerigu.

THE SUN gathered that during the Council’s meeting at Nalerigu on the said date chaired by Wulugu Naa, Prof. Sebiyam John Nabila following the absence of the president of the Council Nayiri Mahami Sheriga, the Over-Lord of Mampurugu, some questionable decisions were arrived at which did not sit well with a majority of the people in the district. The paper gathered that during the meeting, the Council decided to elevate some minor chiefs who have no land jurisdiction such as (Zongo chiefs) to paramount status.

What must have raised eye-brows was the claim by the Council to the effect that Naaba Alhaji Abuba Nasimonu was not the paramount chief of Bunkpurugu. According to observers this decision had sinister motives and seen to be a clear attempt to ‘de-skin’ the Bunkpurugu chief, and rather promote some unqualified chiefs of minor clout to paramount status. Reacting to the concerns of the public, Prof. Nabila who is a member of the Council of State as well as a leading member of the PNC debunked the claims and said, no attempt was made to either remove the Bunkpurugu Chief or promote minor chiefs to paramount status. “Our area is a flashy point and some people are trying to create trouble for reasons best known to themselves” he stated and added that, he did not want to comment on the Bunkpurugu chief’s affair because he has a case pending before the Northern regional House of Chiefs Judiciary Committee.

However when THE SUN reached the Bunkpurugu Naba Alhaji Abouba Nasimonu for his comments, he confirmed that the pronouncement was indeed made by Prof. Nabila who chaired the Council’s meeting on the said dates. He also admitted to the effect that a letter had been written by Yunyoo Rana accusing him of having a soft spot for the present government, and rallying support for it in the upcoming elections and so every effort will be made to de-skin him. Alhaji Abouba Nasimonu said, the spiteful remarks by Prof. Nabila has brought in its wake mounting tension which nearly turned into bloody confrontation at Bunkpurugu.

THE SUN gathered that before the meeting could take off, Nayiri Mahami Sheriga who was not comfortable with the developments decided to stay away from it, which then allowed the chiefs to have a field day to carry out their plans. THE SUN gathered that Yunyoo Wura Naa James Dawuda Tooka Yamyia II, a deputy Northern Regional Secretary in the PNDC regime, Nakpanduri Naa David Kansuk and Bankoni Naa or Chief have allowed their political affiliation to supersede the reality of the time all for political favours. A concerned resident of Yunyoo who spoke to THE SUN on condition of anonymity and was privy to the deliberations at the meeting, called on the Nayiri to stop the chiefs before they set the district ablaze.

“They want to turn Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo into a war zone, looking at how they are handling chieftaincy issues with funny submissions,” he said. “Some chiefs have all of a sudden realised that political power was going to switch this time around at the district, and because of this they are trying to foment trouble so as to defeat the actuality on the ground,” the concerned resident told THE SUN. Independent reports hint of the provision of infrastructure in the shape and form of schools, the upgrading of the district health post into a district hospital, first class roads and a host of other utility services.

In a related development a letter spotted by THE SUN dated December 10,2007 by chiefs and people of Konkomba to the National House of Chiefs, the Northern regional Minister, Minister for Chieftaincy Affairs and the Regional Police Command kicked against the appointment of the Yun-yoo Rana to oversee their affairs as such, already the Area is boiling real hot. The Yun-yoo Rana, a Veterinary officer by first trade who graduated from the University of Ghana is said by worried Konkombas to be the real gentleman fomenting trouble. The district is a heterogeneous society that consists of many ethnic groups and religions.

The main ethnic groups are Bimobas, the Kokombas and the Mamprusis. They speak Moar, Komba and Mampruli respectively. Other groups found include Moshi, Talensi, Hausa, Fulani, Dagombas and Chokosi. Additionally, there are five urban settlements with population of 5,000 and above. They are Bunkpurugu, Nakpanduri, Binde, Bimbagu and Nasuan. The people in the urban settlement constitute about 18.1% of the total population of the District. Thus, the District is mainly rural of about 81.9% of the total population.-

Source: THE SUN via

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