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Why Dagbon Must Re-Unite

2008-10-11 21:56:12
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There is the dire need now, more than ever before, for the good people of Dagbon to reconcile and re-unite in the wake of the renewed consciousness and concern that have been shown by all presidential candidates and political parties in recent days to make funds available to bridge the yawning development gap between the North and the South.

While all Northerners are expected to welcome these good intentions with open arms, it is not far-fetched to suggest that we (Northerners) need to put our ‘house in order’ first to make the implementation of the good intentions of the next government smooth and effective.

Crucially, there can be no substantial development in any society where there is no peace and security, because peace is the most critical prerequisite for development activities.

In the light of the prospects of accelerated development, I humbly urge Dagombas to reconsider the extant issues dividing them and work out a consensus to converge towards reconciliation, re-unification, and ultimately a lasting peace in Dagbon. A re-united Dagbon will form the basis for forging a better relationship between Dagombas and all the other tribes in the North, which is necessary for unified strategic consultation and efficacious planning for a holistic development agenda for the North.

Importantly, a lasting peace in Dagbon will create the necessary enabling environment for the next government to embark on the desired development programs and projects in the North.

The fact is that, no part of the North can develop in isolation. The development of the North requires a united, coordinated effort by all three regions and all districts and tribes of the area. The Northern development effort requires a master plan for all the three regions in the form of a “Marshall Plan.” Dagombas have a central role to play in the rapid development of the North. We should take our rightful place in the development process now, and not later, else we may become followers instead of leaders of the process.

Worryingly, Dagbon’s continuous disunity and lack of perpetual lasting peace will adversely affect the smooth implementation of the intended large-scale development plan to bridge the development gap between the North and the South.

Needless to say, the continuous disunity among Dagombas keeps dragging the pace of development of other traditional areas in the region as they are directly affected by the lack of a lasting peace in Dagbon and the attendant repercussions.

Also, a huge portion of the funds allocated to the Northern Region for socio-economic development by the central government in Accra is being diverted to maintaining the fragile peace in Dagbon. The diverted funds could be used for development projects across all traditional areas and districts in the region. (The aim and focus of this paper do not call for the spelling out of the root cause of the current quagmire of Dagbon and the consequential need for expending huge amount of money to maintain peace in the area).

Furthermore, because we (Dagombas) form the most populous individual tribe in the North, our disunity will have a profound negative impact on the collective planning efforts that will be needed by the good people of the North to see to rapid development. A united Dagbon would undoubtedly propel the needed synergy among the various Northern tribes in the planning and coordination of development programs and projects for the area.

As it stands now, Tamale, the biggest Dagomba city, due to the disunity and lack of lasting peace, is scaring potential investors and other agents of development away, instead of using its status as an investment and business hub to attract investors to help develop the region. Obviously, the lack of unity and lasting peace is to our own detriment and that of our posterity.

So, fellow Dagombas, lets reconcile now, re-unite now, and live in peace with our ourselves and with our neighbors for the sake of developing not only Dagbon, but also, the whole of Northern Ghana. We owe it to our fellow Northerners and Ghanaians: current and future generations. Let’s not jeopardize the imminent opportunity for rapid development of the North by clinging to the past rather than looking to the future.

Peace for Dagbon! Peace for Ghana!

Thank you.

By: Natogmah Issahaku

(Dagbon Peace, Re-unification and Development Advocate)

Hails from Jisonaayilli, Tamale

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