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NDC North America Condemns Gushiegu Attacks

2008-09-21 13:07:09
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North America NDC received news of the brutal attacks on NDC personnel and the wanton destruction of NDC properties by arson in Gushiegu, near Tamale, Northern Ghana with profound shock and utter dismay.

It is the primary duty of a democratic government to protect its citizens and to create a peaceful environment for development and progress. The dastardly action against NDC in Gushiegu does not augur well for citizens of Ghana .

NDC North America strongly condemns in no uncertain terms the lack of action by Government to prevent the attack when it had ample opportunity to be forewarned by its agencies on the ground. We protest against the apparent inaction of Government prior to the incidents referred to above, more so, when it is known that Government Security Agencies like the BNI and Police cum Military Intelligence have been placed on high alert in the locality since 2002 when the murders of the Ya-Na and 40 of his elders took place.

The News Report on September 2 2008 captioned “Campaign Violence in Tamale: 6 die” (Ghana Web) had gruesome pictures of burnt NDC Office building and properties. Cars and houses belonging to the NDC Chairman of Gushiegu were specifically targeted and burnt. 3 people were mercilessly killed. Clearly this cannot be the Ghana that NDC ushered into a peaceful democratic transfer of power in January 2001 handing over power amicably to NPP. Can this primitive action be taken as a model of a growing and emerging democratic country that foreign leaders touts Ghana to be?

Why aren’t we building on the experience of the tranquil 2001 transition and demonstrate to ourselves and the world that indeed Ghana is on the road to real democratic governance?

The plight of people not identified as members of the ruling party NPP becomes more disturbing when considered against the apparent inertia or unwillingness on the part of the security agencies to take preemptive actions to deal with perpetrators before they strike. It is this lack of action that gives impetus to naked impudence with which ‘empowered’ civilians brandish and use weapons of choice more lethal than and sophisticated than what is generally seen in Ghana .

One urgent question is how the Government hopes to ensure a violence free and peaceful general election in December, if they are unable to rein in people who feel they have their support and so can kill, maim, cause mayhem and arson at will, knowing they would not face the full rigors of justice?

It is our demand that government must assume its responsibility to protect the citizens of Ghana everywhere in Ghana . The Government must forthwith demonstrate its commitment to the right of citizens to have peace and pursue their just rights to live in dignity. Further, it must disabuse the minds of those who believe they have its tacit support and would not be held culpable for their actions by bringing to trial the perpetrators of the murder of the Ya-Na, Alhaji Mobila as well as those Gushiegu attackers. Peace cannot be assured in the absence of justice. This will be a good signal and deterrent to anyone intending to take the law in their hands.

North America empathizes with the Gushiegu victims and promise to dispatch our widows mite immediately to give succor and relief.

NDC North America wishes to commend NDC leadership in Ghana , especially Prof Atta Mills, the leader, for prevailing on our teeming and angry supporters not to embark on retaliatory acts. By their actions, they have demonstrated their peace-loving characteristic as implied in Prof Atta Mills name tag of “Asomdweehene” (King of Peace).


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