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Dagbon, 6 Years After

2008-04-28 22:38:17
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On March 25 2002, internecine clashes at Yendi, the traditional capital of Dagombas in the Northern Region of Ghana, left the Ya Na (Paramount Chief) dead. Since then the area has seen no real peace.

Though violence has by and large been contained, it is an uneasy calm prevailing there. The government has put in resources, in terms of cash, materiel and security personnel to keep the peace there while looking for a lasting solution to the succession problems of the area.

It is a complex and complicated undertaking made even more daunting by a people who do not seem to have the word compromise in their lexicon of negotiations!

6 years after the death of the Ya Na, suspicion, mistrust and no small amount of bigotry, continue to dog the peace process and so not much has been achieved even with the involvement of three eminent chiefs invited by the government to use traditional conflict resolution methods to find a way out.

The Asantehene, the Yogbunwra and the Nayiri, have been working tirelessly with the Abudus and Andanis all these years but not much progress is there to report. It was expected that after the burial of the Ya Na the road map worked out by the eminent traditional rulers and the warring gates would be followed to achieve a settlement, but after each step forward, about three are taken backwards.

On the sixth anniversary of the death of the Ya Na, we call on all sides involved in the search for peace to redouble their efforts and make the necessary compromises that would lead to lasting peace.

The stalemate is helping no one, least of all the Dagombas themselves. Ya Na Mohammadu Abdulai and Ya Na Yakubu Andani are no more. Both are tragic figures in this unending intra-ethnic succession feud.

Those who say they revere them must shine the light towards laying them finally to rest by performing their funerals as demanded by tradition. Disrespecting one is disrespecting the other which ultimately is disrespecting Dagbon itself. Let there be peace! Who and where are the elders of Dagbon?


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