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Beggars Increase in Tamale Metropolis

2008-01-25 23:06:53
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Barely a week into the Ghana 2008, the number of beggars on the street of the Tamale Metropolis is believed to have shot up to an unusual number, making movement in certain parts of the metropolis very uncomfortable.

Even though the number is known to be high in the past many people feel the recent increment could be as a result of the ongoing African Cup of Nations Tournament (Ghana 2008).

The situation is rife around the central taxi rank and around many of the traffic lights in the metropolis.

In an interview with the Public Agenda, Mr Musah Salifu Issa, Public Relations Officer of Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) said the situation could be traced to traditional beliefs of the people.

He said there were situations where people visited the Malam and are told to go and give various gifts to the beggar on the street. He said due to this the beggars have the belief that they were needed on the street as people would bring them gifts to fulfill their wishes.

Mr Musah said the situation is dangerous to the health of the beggars as they are exposed to the danger of been run over by vehicles.

He noted that even though the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) is doing its best to minimize the situation, it needed the cooperation of the people. In his view he does not believe the beggars have increased and even if they did it could not be attributed to the ongoing Ghana 2008.

"Begging has been an old thing in the metropolis and so should not be attributed to CAN 2008", he said. According to him he found it unwelcome when people attribute every single situation in recent times to CAN 2008.

However some persons the Public Agenda spoke to said even though the beggars have been on the street for many years now, they believe the recent increase in numbers could be as a result of the football competition.

Nihard Abu a resident of Kukuo, a suburb of Tamale suggested that she does not think new people joined the business rather those at other parts of the metropolis might have come to the main part of the city in order to get the attention of the many visitors around.

She does not see anything wrong with the situation since the beggars also need to eat. "If they think this is the time to make money let's allow them because they need to survive too."

She however warned that it will be disgraceful and uncomfortable if the beggars are allowed to loiter around hotels where many of the visitors are lodging.

The beggars who ranged between children as young as six years to the aged are often able bodied persons capable of working to earn a living. The activities of the beggars especially around the central parts of Tamale is quiet unbearable as one is approached at every step by beggars to give them something.

Just between the State Transport Company Yard and the main taxi rank in front of the central market, one is likely to come across at least seventy beggars who often sit on the newly constructed pavements.

The beggars have totally taken up the pedestrian walk forcing pedestrians to share the main road with automobiles.

A 16 year old beggar, Lamisi said she is the bread winner of her family and this she does by begging. "If I am sent away today from the street, my family will be starved to death", she said.

Another 45 year old beggar Hardi, said he is in the business with the wife and that is what they have been surviving on for almost five years now after he strangely went blind six years ago.

In another development prostitutes in the Tamale Metropolis are believed to be doing brisk business despite the arrest of their colleagues in the Greater Accra Region. The prostitutes are mostly in front of the Legion House near Picorna Hotel seems not to be perturbed about recent police invasion of some brothels in Accra.


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