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Kusasis Chiefs ask Government to Confirm the Authenticity of Kusasi Skin

2008-01-17 13:27:52
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The Chiefs and Elders of the Bawku Municipality and Bawku West District on Wednesday asked the Government to make an open declaration that the chieftaincy dispute in the area had been settled for good.

This they said was evident in the ruling of the Court of Appeal in 1958 and the Supreme Court in 2003, which both ruled in favour of the Kusasis as chiefs of the area.

Speaking on behalf of all the Chiefs at a press conference in Bawku, Naba Asigri Azoka Abugrago, Paramount Chief of Bawku Traditional Area, said: "There can be no genuine peace unless the Mamprusis are told the truth of the matter, that the chieftaincy matter has been settled, concluded and buried so that they can understand and appreciate." He said the Kusasis were committed to peace, stability and the development of the Bawku area and would not do anything to undermine that.

Naba Abugrago noted that the current situation in the area was rather an unhealthy one, saying, "though the guns are silent now, there is an uneasy calm and the area is divided into hostile zones, with the Mamprusis based in their enclave between the centre of the town and the Bawku Hospital, and the Kusasis virtually surrounding the Mamprusi enclave such that members of each community could not cross into each others' territory and get out scot-free, unless they are escorted by members of the security agencies".

Naba Abugrago reiterated that the Bawku Traditional Council stood for the welfare of all the people of the area irrespective of ethnic differences and called on all the people in the area to exercise restraint so that the situation could improve for the people to resume their normal activities.

He noted that the peace process also needed the understanding of certain key people, who played a vital role in the area. "We also appeal to Government officials in particular to stop condoning the operation of a parallel chieftaincy in Bawku by visiting the home of the Mamprusi Elder and addressing him as a Regent. This attitude gives false hopes to the Mamprusis that they can be Chiefs or are Chiefs which is not the case", he said.

The Chief explained that the Samanpiid Festival, during which the violence broke out, was meant to thank God for their lives and to reconcile with each other and to make merry. He said violence was, therefore, not something the Kusasis would think of at that time but they had to defend themselves the following day after three people had lost their lives.

He said the violence was a planned by the Manprusis to disrupt the festival and cause mayhem.

Source: ghanaweb

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