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Kokombas And Bimobas Meet in Accra

2007-12-04 21:33:23
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Charles Bintim
THE FORMER Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, now Minister of State at the Presidency, Mr. Charles Bintim, has urged Bimoba and Konkomba chiefs in the Northern Region to involve the youth, Members of Parliament (MPs), former District Chief Executives (DCEs) and women in their attempt to bring lasting peace to the area.

Speaking at a get-together last Saturday organized by one of the opinion leaders of Kokomba, Mr. Bugri Naabu, with the Bimobas in attendance, the Minister said, "I have my doubts about the peace that we are talking about. The question is what has been the role of the youth in this mission? If we are talking about peace the youth and the women should be involved."

The Minister who expressed concern about the numerous conflicts in the North did not understand why the recently removed DCEs and MPs from the area were not involved in the peace-building exercise.

According to him even though all the feuding parties - the Kokombas and Bimobas - had come together, which was a sign of reconciliation and togetherness, the fact still remains that unless the youth, the just-removed DCE and the MP were involved the work done would come to nothing.

"I want to urge you to use your wisdom to ensure that the peace process is maintained. But you must know that the fact that you have come together, which is a clear indication that you are one, does not mean it is the end of the road", he said.

Expressing disgust about conflicts which raises its ugly heads in the North, Mr. Bintim, urged the people to redirect their energies to fighting poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, instead of using monies to buy arms.

"I am always sad when I hear about the conflicts from the North because I am from the North. It is disheartening that Kokombas and the Bimobas are fighting each other."

He contended that due to the laziness of some individuals who would suffer from the hands of their wives because they have not produced enough to meet the demand of the family, they have engaged in such an unfortunate riot.

The convener of the meeting, Bugri Naabu, who is also a Kokomba, was pleased about the peace they had achieved so far and urged the chiefs, elders and the opinion leaders to remain calm in the interest of continued peace.

He was shocked that when the chiefs from the two feuding clans wanted to see the President some people who were not interested in peace but wanted to take undue advantage of the unfortunate incident, threw dust into the eyes of Mr. Kufuor saying that it was only one faction that came to see him.

He however, asked the chiefs not to listen to any ill-advice that had the potential to derail the peace process.

He noted that since the Kokombas and Bimobas are from the same family, it was paramount for them to maintain peace by ensuring a cordial relationship existed among them.

Mr. Dubik Mahama Yakubu, a prominent Kokomba citizen, also gave the overview of what happened on September 16, this year at Jimbale.

The paramount chiefs, the elders and all those who matter resolved to maintain peace and threatened to deal with those who were not interested in peace.

The chairman for the occasion, who served as a member of the National Reconciliation Committee (NRC), Ubour Dalatu Labal II, Paramount Chief of Sangali, admonished all factions to continue with the peace process.

"We have for so many years stayed apart, which gave wrong impressions about us. It is wrong. We are from the same family. We must stop the fight," he advised

According to him, the time had come for the two factions to relegate war to the background adding, "We want to stop this Kokomba and Bimoba war now."

Chiefs from both sides attended the meeting.

Other chiefs present were Abuba Nasimong, Paramount Chief of Bimoba, Kpanlore Rana, Chief of Kpanlore, Gbankoni, Chief of Nasuan Rana, Kokomba and Chief of Nabuale, a Bimoba, Nanyira Rana, a Bimoba, Kpekyana Rana, a Bimoba, Chief of Jimbale, Jimbale Rana, Chief of Jimbale, Sanbile Rana, a Kokomba and a host of others.


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