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Tamale Fails to Deal with Filth

2007-10-30 00:48:23
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Tamale Hospital
THE APPALLING behaviour of the majority of residents in the Tamale Metropolis who indiscriminately dispose refuse and defecate in and around their own communities is likely to engender air and water borne diseases in the area ahead of CAN 2008.

The situation, coupled with poor waste management by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly is indisputably painting a dire picture for the one-time cleanest metropolis in Ghana.

Almost a month after The Chronicle front page publication that suggested that filth was swallowing the city, authorities of the assembly have since not done much to deal with the canker which is currently posing serious threats to the health of the residents.

A recent visit by this reporter to some of the communities revealed that more heaps of waste have still not been conveyed for proper disposal despite public outcry. Flies and other insects have taken advantage of these heaps as their homes, from where they swoop on nearby homes.

Most drains in some parts of the city are choked, making passage of liquid waste highly impossible.

These choked gutters do not only produce a horrible smell, but they also serve as fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other flies, which recently resulted in a severe cholera outbreak.

In effect, about 18 persons were reported dead while dozens were hospitalised. While the assembly has its deficiencies in controlling the filth, the residents have also resorted to the habit of defecating and disposing wastes indiscriminatingly.

Consistently, litterbins along most principal streets within the metropolis have unjustifiably been turned into domestic waste containers by some residents. There have also been some instances where animals are spotted feeding on some of the pedal waste bins along the streets.

Several warnings have been issued by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, urging residents to control the movements of their livestock; yet stray goats, sheep and cattle are always seen sharing spaces with vehicles and pedestrians.

However, much is expected of the officials of the assembly to enforce some of their by-laws to deal appropriately with defaulters of such laws so as to restore the status of the metropolis as the cleanest city in Ghana.

The Chronicle’s investigations have revealed that only about 45% of the waste within the city have been assigned to ZoomLion, while the rest is handled by the assembly. The areas being handled by the ZoomLion appeare to be well-managed as compared to other areas outside their jurisdiction.

All efforts to get the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mohammed Adam Amin-Anta, to tell what immediate measures would be taken to uplift the city before the tournament proved unsuccessful.

When contacted by this paper, however, the Waste Management Director of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, Mr. Sampson Akwertey, said the assembly was making serious efforts to ensure that the city, especially the business centres and communities around the stadium, was kept clean.

Several non-functional toilet facilities would be demolished to make way for 23 new KVIPs, 32 school toilets and 1,500 household toilets before and after CAN 2008.

Although the assembly spends about 8 billion cedis annually on waste management, the general environment of the metro still looks unattractive due to inadequate logistics available to the Waste Management Department of the assembly.

The Tamale Metropolis with a population of over 350,000 has only three skip trucks, two tractors and one pill loader for waste management. It also has one water tanker, 78 communal containers and two cesspit emptiers of which one is over 25 years old and the other about 12 years old.

The assembly has also got only 260 sweepers for the metropolis.

Though Mr. Sampson Akwertey admitted the assembly had not met its target of ensuring a waste-free metropolis, he blamed the residents for making their work so difficult as a result of their appalling nocturnal activities that were posing a threat to their own lives.

source: chronicle

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