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Low Level of Education in the North

2005-03-29 13:01:12
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THE LOW level of education in the three northern regions of Ghana has been attributed to lack of interest in parents towards the education of their children.
The three northern regions are currently lagging behind on the national educational calendar, which situation contributes to the high rate of poverty in those areas.

Dr. Imoro Braimah, a lecturer of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), made these observations during the Northern Students Union (NSU) Day celebration in Kumasi.

The theme for the celebration was, “Education in Northern Ghana, Foundation for Development: The role of stakeholders.”

Dr. Imoro observed that most parents in the north had failed to invest in the quality education of their wards, adding, “The total enrolment of students in the northern regions is nothing to write home about.”

He said some of the people tend to rather send their wards to the southern part of the country to school them because they know the quality of education there is high.

This, he said, is because the people in the south have realized the importance of quality education and are therefore willingly investing in it.

Dr. Imoro charged the people in the north to rather think of how they could improve upon education to make it better for the children.

“Other regions are advancing because the people are prepared to invest in education but our people (Northerners) prefer to rather use the little monies they have in fighting each other,” he lamented, and called an end to this habit: “There is no benefit in this, so it must be stopped now.”

The lecturer, who was speaking on the topic “The role of the Northern Graduate in the Development of Education in Northern Ghana” noted that government said governent is playing its part in enhancing education in the north and that it is about time the people co-operated to make it a success instead of apportioning blame.

He urged the university students to volunteer to do their national service in the north, to teach their fellow people the need to promote education there.

He described as unfortunate, the situation where even northerners fail to go back to their roots to serve.

“If we don’t do it, we will regret, so we must do it to prevent them from becoming wayward, armed robbers and people who contribute to all forms of social anomalies,” he emphasized.

On his part, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole Bamboi, Hon. John D. Mahama, noted that the disparity between teachers in the urban areas and those in the rural communities has also contributed to the low level of education in the north.

He, therefore, suggested that there be incentive salary for teachers who are willing to go to the rural areas.

“We could create allowances for teachers who live in the deprived areas so that they can get a little more enhancement in terms of their income to make their services in those areas fruitful.”

Mahama reiterated that most people in the north do not deem education a priority, hence their cold attitude towards the education of their wards.

The MP called on the people of all the three northern regions to see education as the number one priority and that it is through education that their lives could be improved.

The out-going President of NSU, Mr. Issifu Salisu Be-Awuribe, expressed regret that some northern students refuse to be identified as northerners and fail as well to accept postings to the north for reasons best known to them.

He appealed to undergraduates to accept postings since, according to him, it is not by anyone’s making that some are born northerners or southerners and that it was God’s own decision, as such everybody must be proud of whichever tribe they belong to.

Be-Awuribe also stressed the need for them to assist each other as well as help in their small ways to educate the people back home about the importance of education.

“We must try also to avoid fighting each other and rather concentrate on rebuilding our regions for future generations,” the out-going president noted.


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