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Of Ya Na JJ Yells

2007-05-09 09:52:05
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Jerry Rawlings
The long-standing national mystery of who actually killed the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani II, Overlord of the Dagbon Kingdom and some forty of his family members five years ago, may soon be demystified.

‘Findings’ of an independent investigations supposedly conducted by the former president, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, into the March 2002 incident, some of which the ex-president stressed were allegedly video-taped, may be leading the nation closest to resolving the ‘riddle’, if revelations that came out at the just-ended Africa Day celebrations in The Hague are anything to go by.

The ex-president told a large crowd, many of whom were journalists, that those who actually murdered the Dagbon King were cronies of the ruling New Patriotic Party government and gave out the names on his list as General Joshua Hamidu, former National Security Advisor to the President and Major Sulemana, one time 2i/c at the Recce Regiment.

According to him, the two retired soldiers orchestrated the attack on the Palace of the Ya Na, and with the help of ‘people with un-Ghanaian features, killed all the inmates of the palace.” He claimed he had proofs of his findings on tape.

Giving a vivid pictorial description of what he said took place that fateful day, Rawlings said the late Ya-Na, in the heat of the attack, had the opportunity to escape to safety by jumping through the window, but decided to succumb to tradition and die honorably because it was a taboo for chiefs from that part of the country to jump through a window, no matter how compelling the situation may be.

According to Rawlings, a nephew of the chief, who escaped from their attackers by jumping through the window, had urged his uncle, the King to do the same, in vain.

As Rawlings stated, it was when the Dagbon King was walking back-wards to the door that he was gunned down.

Mr. Rawlings said the plot to murder the Ya-Na, was hatched since 15th May, 1979, when he (Rawlings), made his first attempt at coup-making and failed.

Averring that the government of President Kufuor had made frantic attempts to cover up the dastardly act, Rawlings said, “when the conflict started within a military area, for three days, the military did not step in.

When an investigation was to be conducted into what happened, they found their own fancy judge to carry out the investigations in a manner as to cover up.

A good number of the group actually saw that the groundwork was being done for such a conflict, and the point is that it traces back to 15th May 1979…. {it’s a thing we don’t have the time here}… to one Major Sulemana and General Hamidu. There’s no time right now, but it was certain that they actually orchestrated it,” he asserted.

Shouting at the top of his voice, he said Major Sulemana was a commander in Charles Taylor’s rebel army in Liberia, and was brought down purposely to organise the slaughter of the popular traditional leader.

“Major Sulemana, who was one of the chief activists, was one of Charles Taylor’s commanders, who had returned to Ghana to come and do a security role under this government.

So I am saying that professional mercenaries were brought in to do that job,” he stressed.

Narrating the tragic incident like someone on the spot and in the thick of events, he went further to allege, as stated already, that the men used to attack the palace bore features that did not look Ghanaian in any way, except that they were all dressed in some professional accoutrements.

He stated further that even when they were spotted regrouping in a compound, the military command in Accra failed to give a green light for their arrest.

“Kufuor, I am telling you. We should not wait till 2008, you mark my words, some of us may not live to see 2009 because their sins are too many. It is not just a matter of material corruption. They’ve done too much damage that they’ve lied, and too much is at stake,” he said.

The ex-president said also that unlike President Kufuor, he handled the Kokomba-Nanumba war of the 1990s in a responsible manner because he had no vested interest in it.

If the ‘findings’ and video-tape recording of Rawlings can be authenticated, they could help resolve the nagging problem that had eluded security experts in the last five years.

source: Daily Guide

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