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Rumour of Death in Garu-Temane District

2007-02-23 23:36:45
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A state of fear and uncertainty has gripped basic school children and parents in the Garu-Tempane district in the Upper East Region, over a false allegation that, some people in authority are plotting to kill them.

Reports have alleged that because the school-going population in the district is increasing in number, plans are being hatched by certain people at the helm of affairs to poison and kill the school children to reduce their population.

The innocent school children with support from their ignorant parents have decided to boycott school to save their lives and avoid any untimely death.

When the ADM contacted the District Chief Executive of Garu-Tempane District, Mr. Emmanuel Sin-Nyet Asigri, he admitted knowledge of the rumour, but denied that neither the government, nor for that matter anybody was harbouring such a plan for the children.

Obviously very emotional and angry, the DCE said he could not fathom why people could fabricate such a strange idea to tarnish the image of the government and lower the level of education in the district.

"People started rumors alleging that, I said the school-going population in the district is too large, and there was a need to reduce it, and the way we wanted to reduce it was to get some injections into the school children so that some of them would die to reduce the numbers," he told ADM.

He said his office is working with the district directorate of education, the chiefs and the local media to reach out to the children, parents and teachers to solve the problem. "However" he said, "each time they go to any school, school children just had to desert with the approach of any motorbike or a vehicle in any of the schools…Some parents have believed this story, and sadly enough, the intelligence people have made the investigations and they have reported to me that, there is some politics in the whole issue," Mr. Asigri said with regret.

He hoped the ongoing investigations would narrow down to the "source of this whole issue."

He assured parents that there is nothing of this nature happening and promised their children would be safe. He entreated the children to go back to school because, "the government or no individual would want to inject anyone and kill the person".

He warned: "If this is how far Ghanaians can go with our politics, then I think that, other countries have suffered some civil wars, but if we want to go in this way, our case would be worse than a civil war"

Mr. Asigri questioned: "What do we want that we have to go to this length to do those things? This is a replica of what happened in the Volta Region about the de-worming exercise"

The DCE expressed more worry and said since the temperature in the area would be as high as 45 degrees Celsius within March and April, there would be a possible out break of cerebro-spinal meningitis (CSM) and people have to be educated to vaccinate against it.

"But now that this has happened, I can assure you that, if we make any attempt now, it's just going to be concluded that this is what they were talking of , then it is going to affect us if this epidemic hits the place," he said.

He said if care is not taken, the rumor might be extended to other districts.

source: ADM

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