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Beacon of Peace Concert

2007-01-17 22:56:18
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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for responding so positively to the joint invitation of the Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) and Hafred Security Services Ltd. to this press conference which is also the official launch of a very unique event.

On 24th February 2007, 10 days to Ghana’s 50 years of independence, Tamale will host its first ever Music for Development workshop which will culminate in an unprecedented jamboree of young talented musicians at the Tamale Secondary School Park.

A total of 16 popular artistes have ready signed up to perform on that day. The concert will be one of the major events that will take place in Tamale just before 6th March. Peace, development, and unity messages will be sung out to all Ghanaians so that together we will work towards the consolidation of democracy and accelerate economic empowerment.

As the entire country prepares to celebrate 50 years of Ghana’s independence, FOSDA and Hafred Security Services, have found it necessary to organise a workshop for young musical talents. The event is dubbed; ‘the Beacon of Peace Concert’. The Beacon of Peace has one simple message – we should let the light of hope shine on our future through the voices of young Ghanaians. They have been talking to us through their music but we have not been listening attentively. The Beacon of Peace has created a platform for socially and culturally relevant messages to be showcased at least once a year.

Celebrating the talents of the Ghanaian youth as a way of encouraging them to thrive to conquer higher heights is long overdue. Youth criminality, unemployment and vulnerability easily gain centre stage than youth successes and their indomitable spirit to rise up to the overpowering challenges of their time. Ghanaian youth are more oriented towards talent exploration in several areas. Music is one of the areas that has picked up rapidly in recent years. Challenged with inadequate recording studios, musical instruments, Ghanaians are still able to produce music not only for local consumption but also there is a Diasporan market in the horizon which needs to be tapped. The economic gains in Ghanaian music are stilling challenging. This is even more so for those living outside Accra.

Apart from celebrating the immerging talents in the music industry, the event is particularly dedicated to the likes of Sherifa, Ramatu, King Insoba, Gunje, VIP and Batman who have broken through difficult cultural and economic barriers to hit the limelight of the Ghanaian music industry. The words of their music are not only social commentaries and entertainment pieces but some of them have actually contributed towards peace-building in the troubled Dagbon area. Music as a tool for development is a powerful one that is why Tamale has been chosen to host this unique concert so that the youth will be challenged to explore their latent talent and invest their energies towards positive development.

The road to Accra is every young Ghanaians destination when he or she ventures into music. But there is enough interest in Ghanaian music to decentralize the industry by encouraging nation-wide investment which can be done by showcasing the potential of Ghanaian music as a profession that can contribute meaningfully towards our economic growth.

The Beacon of Peace Concert shall be staged every year to unveil new talents and also acknowledge the role young people are playing in the Ghanaian music industry. Also the Beacon of Peace will encourage Ghanaian music to claim a respectable place in the global music industry so that we do not become mere consumers of foreign music but also exporters of a Ghanaian personality and identity through music.

Music is a tool for cultural identity and social harmony. It is a universal language and transcends all communication barriers.

We therefore call on all Ghanaians to support this worthy cause so that together we can all march into our mature age of 50 with a focused view on economic development and political maturity.
We wish to thank our parts for making this launch possible and thank you very much for coming.

By Afi Yakubu
Associate Director of FOSDA

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