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No Wa-Na in Wa

2006-12-12 21:02:32
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Tension continues to mount in Wa, the Upper West Regional Capital over the purported election and enskinmnent of a Wa-Na. As earlier announcement of an overlord for Wa saw the the Police, the Municipal Chief Executive and the Kingmakers in consultation, the same group that issued an earlier statement has re-emphasized that Alhaji Issah Seidu is the new Wa-Na.

The Upper West police Regional Commander, ACP George Ankobil, the Municipal Chief Executive of Wa, Mark Adams Banda and a member of the Royal Family and a sub chief, Naa Salifu have all denied the legitimacy of the position by five of the seven kingmakers of the Wala Traditional Area declaring Alhaji Issah Seidu as the new Wa-Na.

According to them, the Upper West Regional Security Council was yet to approve the date the recognized kingmakers would sit to elect a new Wa-Na.

Naa Salifu said the kingmakers were supposed to sit yesterday for the elections but the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) said because of the behaviour of the Foroko (King of Muslims) they should collectively write to them formally to seek approval for the date for the elections.

“The elders themselves met on Sunday around 3:00 p.m. around the Municapal assembly; so those kingmakers who were purported to have elected a new Wa Na are not recognized by anyone,” he added.

He said the MCE asked them to write a letter and indicate the date for the elections so that he could approve it. ACP Ankobil told The Chronicle, “Take it from me, there hasn’t been an election of a new king.”

He noted that the Municipal Security Council was inviting all the traditional stakeholders in order to select genuine kingmakers for the process to start on how to elect a Wa-Na.

He emphasized that Alhaji Issah had been carrying himself as a staunch activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) hence his demeanour and maligning a lot of people.

“But some of us know that the NPP tradition is full of legalities and they understand the rule of law very well,” he added. He denied a suggestion that the security in the area was tensed as a result of the disagreement between the two factions, intimating that the area was very calm.

The MCE told The Chronicle in an interview that he was not aware that there had been the enskinnment of a new Wa Na. He confirmed that he was aware of a meeting between the REGSEC and some three neutral kingmakers, forming the seven kingmakers on Sunday where they were advised to look for a suitable person for the Wa-Na skin.

He told the paper that as of yesterday afternoon (at the time of interview) the REGSEC were still in consultation to grant them date for the election of the Wa-Na “A delegation has come to me and I am telling them unless the whole Security Committee meet again so that whatever is it that they want to tell us they tell us, because I don’t want it to look like they have come to me and I have taken a decision all by myself, it is a committee work,” he insisted.

Earlier Alhaji Issah Seidu had argued that a person could not make himself a chief when there is a system and the system duly followed.

He had condemned criticisms that a court had warned him to stop holding himself up as the Wa-Na, adding that he was acquitted and discharged by the court in that matter. “The fuss about the validity of my chieftaincy is that the kingmakers have made me a chief,” he noted.

Source: Chronicle

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