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Graduates Can Be Useful If They Create Their Own Jobs

2005-03-07 19:59:25
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Alhassan Andani
The Deputy Managing Director of the Barclays Bank of Ghana limited, Alhassan Andani, has observed that the inability of university graduates to create their own jobs but rather go seeking jobs is not helping human resource development.

In most cases graduates with degrees in business administration go hunting for jobs from entrepreneurs with very little education, an indication that graduates could create jobs for themselves if they wish. Andani was speaking at a seminar organized by "Passion 4 Students" an entrepreneurial, leadership and investment group with a vision to sensitize student to think self-employment, and individual wealth creation. The theme for the seminar was, "Graduate entrepreneur, the drive for economic development in Ghana."

The movement, which has a membership on the various campuses of tertiary institutions in Ghana believe that tertiary education graduates are a great force for changing the economic destiny of Ghana if they decide to go into private businesses instead of clammouring for existing and sometimes sub-standard jobs.

It came out at the seminar that when universities award people with first class or second class upper, they are endorsing those graduates as good material for contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. Yet most graduates and professionals prefer traveling to the developed countries, where what they have been trained in is underutilized.

In the view of Andani, graduates are supposed to create jobs and sustain them. He deplored the current situation in Ghana, where people with master's degree in various fields are cashiers in banks; an occurrence that he considers as a waste of valuable human resources. He revealed that for the past ten years, Ghana cannot boast of a single newly created company large enough to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. He explained that an entrepreneurial company is supposed to live at least twenty to thirty years after its creation and must thus be able to employ a considerable number of people. Unfortunately in Ghana many companies have died with their the death of their original owners.

Andani demonstrated that while the average graduate in America can boast of how many companies they have created and sold, their Ghanaian counterparts only boast of the number of organizations they have worked for. "Meanwhile the Ghanaians were getting even higher marks than their American colleagues in class. While acknowledging that the knowledge acquired in school is only the basics, he maintained that it is up to the students to translate those theoretical ideas into profitable economic ventures when they go out of into the world.

For him, an entrepreneur must be disciplined and be able to turn around human and material resources to create wealth. It is in this regard that he called on graduates to participate in creating wealth in Ghana.

A representative from the Standard Trust Bank limited, said that self-employment is a far better option for creating wealth rather than being an employee. To him, say a 100 people decide to engage in entrepreneurial activities at a go they stand the chance of reducing unemployment in Ghana by 30 percent.


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