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Trouble in Wa Over Wa-Na

2006-12-07 22:12:44
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Tension is brewing heavily in calm Wa, the Upper West Regional capital, over the validity of the enskinment of one Alhaji Issah Seidu, who is currently claiming the title of Wa-Na.

So far, there have been fierce protests, coming from among others, the Regent of Wa, who, as far as he is concerned still has custody of the skin. But members of his own Yijihi Gate are kicking against Alhaji Seidu’s claim.

The Police and the regional minister, Mr. Ambrose Derry, have all denied knowledge of any enskinment of a Wa-Na.

Though all these people have formally registered their protests, Alhaji Issah insists that he had duly followed the process and that he deserved the necessary recognition in order to bring down tension in the area.

Narrating the situation to The Chronicle, The Regent of Wa, Naa Seidu Braimah said one interest group to the skin, on Monday, without announcing to the kingmakers that they were meeting anywhere to elect the Wa-Na began to distribute letters that Alhaji Abass Seidu had been elected to replace the late one, which was not correct.

Going into the procedure for the selection of a Wa-Na, the Regent stressed that after the funeral of the substantive Wa-Na, there is a filing that had to be done.

He continued that after that the family of the late Wa-Na would then formally hand over the Sandals to the Tendana (Kingpin) and he would then informed his other kingmakers thereby declaring the seat vacant.

The Regent said he together with the other kingmakers would then fix a date whereby the Wa-Na would be elected.

He noted that four gates, Yijihi, Jonyohi, Naa Kpoha and Naa Jara as well as others, Yarina, Foroko and Tindana, constitute the Kingmakers.

He stated further that the selection of Alhaji Seidu became a surprise to them because there should be transparency in the elections.

“You don’t hide in a corner to elect a Wa-Na, it is done in an open place to the full glare of everybody,” he added.

Naa Breimah maintained that no one had elected a Wa-Na but rather the kingmakers were still in consultation to do the election on Monday, December 11.

He emphasized that Alhaji Seidu’s father was the late Wa-Na and that he was from Yejihi Gate so his selection would even bring confusion between the other gates since it is their turn.

He cautioned any person interested in the seat to come and face the kingmakers and if the person is able to convince them he would be made the Wa-Na.

A member of the Yijihi Royal gate, Naa Salifu said “Whatever he is saying in Accra is a lie, no one has enskinned him” He also mentioned that their Gate did not even recognize the enskinnment of Alhaji Issah.

The Upper West Regional Commander, ACP George Ankobil told The Chronicle that in last year Alhaji Issah was dragged to court when he had been claiming the Wa-Na even before the death of the last Wa-Na.

He said he was arrested and subsequently in February, the court cautioned him to be of good behaviour for 18months.

He stressed that when the last Wa-Na died one would have thought that it was a nice way to start everything afresh but Alhaji Issah has started the same thing without waiting for things to take their former process.

“He has proclaimed himself again as the Wa-Na, when and where we actually don’t know, officially we are not aware, and to the best of my knowledge we haven’t witnessed anything like this” he intimated.

ACP Ankobil revealed that because of the tension involved in the issue since last Saturday his outfit had been busy cautioning all the people involve in the matter to obey the law.

He said they are waiting for the Traditional Council and the House of Chief to finish their selection of their chief.

He said though they were looking for the whereabouts of Alhaji Issah they do not want to arrest him since it might escalate into a big problem.

“We just want to be humane in application of the law so that we don’t cause any problem,” he concluded.

On his part Alhaji issah argued that a person could not make himself a chief when there is a system and the system duly followed.

He condemned criticisms that a court had warned him before adding that he was acquitted and discharged by the court in that matter.

“The fuss about the validity of my chieftaincy is that the kingmakers have made me a chief,” he noted.

Alhaji Issah said there is no Regent in the area so Naa Breimah could not speak in the capacity of a Regent and that when there is a problem it is the spiritual leader.

source: Chronicle

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