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Afi Yakubu Wins the 2006 Edberg Award

2006-10-23 11:07:10
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Edberg Award Winner

The Edberg Foundation in Sweden has decided to award its annual Edberg Award to Afi Yakubu for her work with peace and sustainable development issues in Africa in general and Ghana in particular. Afi Yakubu received her award at a ceremony in Sweden. In its decision to award Afi Yakubu the Edberg Award the board of the Edberg Foundation writes:

“The Board of The Edberg Foundation has decided to award Afi Yakubu for her dedicated, competent and persistent work for sustainable development and gender equality on many levels ranging from rural communities to the United Nations, and in particular, for her efforts to promote peace and post-conflict development in West Africa. “

“Ms Afi Yakubu's profession is in communication and media for development, including production of documentary films as well as radio and television programmes. Mainly she is a peace and development activist, and her daily work is as associate director and leader of Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA), a very active NGO in Accra, Ghana. An important focus in her work has been the non-proliferation and abandonment of small arms, that have created so much suffering and destruction in the region.”

More about the Edberg Foundation:

The Edberg Foundation was established in 1990 in the name and spirit of Rolf Edberg. Rolf Edberg, as an author, philosopher and environmental advocate gave a voice to those people who are struck the hardest by the environmental situation in the world. His words have the ability to inspire works on both the local and the global level, by individuals as well as groups.

Rolf Edberg died a few years ago, 85 years old. He was a prominent Swedish politician and was, among many other things, an active participant in the formation of the United Nations and council of Europe after the Second World War. He was a true internationalist working for peaceful solutions to political and other problems, and it was his initiative that led to the organization of the first UN conference on the environment in Stockholm in 1972.

Rolf Edberg had an interdisciplinary viewpoint, where establishing democratic rights went side by side with active environmental projects in the effort to minimize environmental problems of the earth. Depletion of resources leads to deterioration of both nature and the living conditions of human beings. The industrialized world contributes to a disproportionately large fraction of the exploitation, while the developing nations suffers the greater share of the environmental burden. The Foundation's mission is to encourage environmental achievements and efforts. The Foundation’s honorary Chairman is Ingvar Carlsson, former Prime Minister of Sweden.

Bo Landin, Secretary General The Edberg Foundation, underscores the value of the work the award recipient Afi Yakubu has done.

  • As a professional filmmaker and media specialist she has realized how important access to information is to achieve necessary development goals. Her work with local communities, as well as political organization from the local to the international level is a model and worth our admiration.

  • She has set an example we can only hope people in the political arena will be inspired by to solve the underlying problems facing the people of the region.

  • Afi Yakubu has shown that development is possible, that peace and control of the proliferation of small arms is possible, that people’s minds can change - but it takes persistent work, step by step, and it takes the kind of determination Afi Yakubu has shown.

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