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Zabzugu/Tatale Cries For Health Personnel

2006-09-15 00:10:45
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THE Medical Officer of the Zabzugu/Tatale District Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Abdulai, has called for more health personnel into the district to protect the human resource base of the area.
According to Dr. Abdulai, the entire district had only he as medical doctor, assisted by two nurses and a Cuban doctor, notwithstanding the hospital’s status as the only referral facility in the area.

The highest-ranking personnel at the other health centres in the district are community health nurses, which he said posed many dangers to the lives of the people.

Speaking in an interview with The Chronicle during our surprise visit to the District Hospital in Zabzugu, Dr. Abdulai expressed worry about how the personnel in the area were being hassled and stressed.

He noted that almost all the health personnel in the district worked 24-hour shifts, including Sundays, without any additional pay as a result of the intense pressure piled on them by the people.

“It is becoming quite unbearable to see one person doing almost all the menial jobs that are supposed to be shared by at least ten personnel,” the doctor observed.

He also encouraged other doctors and nurses who were refused postings to some of the rural communities to come to the Zabzugu/Tatale district, where the Assembly or the government has already addressed almost all their basic needs and accommodation problems.

Dr. Mohammed Abdulai however told the paper that in spite of the inadequate personnel and equipments, the district had been able to fight to the barest minimum diseases like malaria, cholera and guinea worm infections, which were the major challenges the people faced.

He revealed that spate of HIV/AIDS infection was becoming so alarming in the district due to its closeness to the borders of neighboring Togo.

The medical practitioner therefore called on the government to make available the anti-retroviral drugs at all the health centres for easy accessibility.

The Chronicle was not in the least impressed with the facilities at the Zabzugu/Tatale District Hospital in particular because regardless of its appreciably sturdy structures, the laboratory equipments and the beds in the wards were nothing to write home about.

Another major problem facing the hospital and other health centres in the district is the non-existence of ambulance services.

Pregnant women and other patients have to rely on public transportation (mainly Benz buses and cargo trucks) to get to Yendi or Tamale for proper medical treatment when referred.

The Chronicle learnt that some of the passenger vehicles unjustifiably refused to let women in labour aboard for fear they might deliver their babies before they arrive at their destination.

It is therefore very imperative for the government and, for that matter, the Ghana Health Service to without any further resistance provide the area with at least one ambulance to facilitate the work of the medical centres.

source: Chronicle

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