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Chinese Casanovas Hit Tamale

2006-08-25 22:12:02
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Tamale Stadium
The beautiful skyline-changing CAN 2008 modern stadium in Tamale is a welcome addition to the municipality’s landmarks, but the development is coming at a cost to parents and the mostly conservative Muslim residents of the Northern Reginal capital, as local girls get impregnated by the hardworking workers of the Chinese firm, Shangai Construction Group.

Credible information gathered by Daily Guide indicate that a number of local girls are already carrying Chinese-induced pregnancies, a trend which has found a place on the agenda of after-work gossips of the municipality’s folks. When Daily Guide sought to talk to some of the victims of the Chinene sexual assault, mum was the word, as none of them would want to be identified with the unholy association with the expatriates, in a commuity which in spite of its fast-changing culture, still maintains a certain degree of conservatism, especially among the older folks.

A drama was unfolded when one of the girls, was unable to make out her ‘suitor’, impregnator when a muster parade of the workers was ordered by their boss. A joke was prompted by what allegedly transpired when the parade was orderd, especially as one of the girls took a long look at the first person in the line-up and proceeded to the next Chinese.” Not this one. No, the next one, Not him”, she said in Dagbani and gave up disappointedly, as the parade was dismissed.

The similarities in the Mongoloid features, especially the epicanthic eyes of the assembled workers, did not favour her but worked well for the Chinese Casanovas who happly remained unidentified only to continue their nightly escapades.

The Chinese are known for the production of aphrodisiacs, many brands of which abound in Ghanaian markets. While some are for topical administration others are oral and their patronage we have learnt, is very good, especially among men with below-average sexual performance.

The Tamale municipality, whose hospitable indigenous people have not witnessed in many years a major capital intensive project of the scale of the ongoing stadium, appear to be justifiably too excited about the development than show anger at the escapades of their guests.


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