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It's Boot-for-Boot

2006-05-28 11:52:48
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Women in the 18 Districts of the Northern Region have declared their readiness to defy all criticism, harassments, name-callings and insults usually meted out on them by the society and more particularly their male counterparts, to vie for political positions in their respective districts.

The apparent "charged" women, who numbered over 40 expressed their resolve at a 2-day capacity building workshop in Tamale pointing out that especially in the forthcoming District Assembly Elections, they would match their male counterparts boot-for-boot and not allow them (male counterparts) to continue to contribute to their (women's) retrogression in domestic and public decision makings.

The workshop was jointly organized by the ABANTU for Development and PRIDE-Ghana and funded by CIDA and DANIDA.

Sharing their experiences at the workshop, some of the participants, already in the assembly, complained bitterly about how their families, communities and friends had discouraged their decisions to enter into politics, whilst others had also had their marriages broken as a result of defying orders from their husbands to stay out of politics. Some of the participants also took turns to advise and boosted the morale of the potential aspirants.

The participants were taught skills on how to win the votes of men in even men-biased and dominated elections and how to map out and reach consensus on common areas of need and support and how to mobilize funds and support for women candidates for the district level elections.

The two NGOs, the ABANTU for Development and PRIDE-Ghana expressed grave concern about why women still constitute the lowest proportion in African politics and decision-making processes, notwithstanding the deliberate affirmative actions and advocacies by the government and other stakeholders to increase or equalize the ratio between men and women at all levels.

According to Madam Sylvia Adabah of ABANTU and the Project Officer of PRIDE-Ghana, Mr. Michael Gabriel Agamah, though there had been a slight increase in the number of female parliamentarians from 9% in 2000 to 10.8% in 2005 and there had also been a slight increase in the appointment of females for ministerial positions in the country, a lot still remained to be done to ensure equal participation of women and men in public decision-making as enshrined in the National Development Policy Framework and the Millennium Development Goals.

Mr. Agamah urged the women to be more proactive towards getting involved in leadership and development of the nation.

The Northern Regional Director of Department of Women (formerly NCWD), Mr. Zakari-Saa Razak I.P.S commended PRIDE-Ghana and ABANTU for equipping the women with the requisite knowledge and skills on how to strategize and win political power whenever necessary.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs was also seeking funding to support women to actively participate in the 2006 district assembly elections.

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