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Youth Unhappy With Aliu

2006-04-26 17:59:13
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Aliu Mahama
The Youth in Dagbon have expressed their displeasure with the Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, for failing to be a part of two historic events in the area- the burial of the Late King of Dagbon, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, and the installation of the new Regent of the kingdom, Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Andani, which marked the most momentous day and beginning of a serious peace building process in the Dagbon State.

According to the youth, they were highly disappointed and worried about the Vice President’s attitude, since, according to them, he was supposed to have led the peace efforts because of his current status as the highest-placed political personality in the Northern part of the country and a true son of Dagbon.

Speaking in an interview with the Northern Regional Office of ‘The Chronicle’ in Tamale, the Principal Coordinator of the Youth Chiefs and Magazias in Dagbon, Abass Salifu, said Aliu Mahama’s apathy indicated that he was not ready to be part of the peace, unity and stability that was returning to Dagbon.

“Even if people have misconceptions about the Vice President over this Dagbon Chieftaincy crisis, I was expecting him to be there to present a very convincing and touching message to the members of the two feuding royal families- Abudu and Andani-, to change their “ill-mentality” and come together and move as Dagombas. But for what he has done, we the youth have now taken an entrenched stand that the Vice President has something to hide in Dagbon and that is why he failed to attend such occasions. We have witnessed a lot of instances on Television (TV) where he led government delegations to funerals and other functions and we appreciated that because that brings tribal relationship,” Salifu intimated, adding, “We know President Kufuor, who is not even from this region, would have attended this august occasion if he were in Ghana. In his absence, we were all expecting that the Vice President would show up to interact with the youth and his own people as he always exhibits at some occasions elsewhere in the country.

His behaviour now is sending signals to us that there is some iota of truth in rumours about him on this Dagbon matter. We therefore challenge him to come out to tell the people of Ghana why he failed to attend the two historical functions in his hometown.”

Although the Vice President was in the Northern Region two days after the installation ceremony to show respect to the Regent, rumours around town indicated that he was not specifically there to visit the Gbewa Palace in Yendi, but for the funeral celebration of one of his late relatives in Yendi (one week celebration).

Mr. Abass Salifu, also the President of the Northern Regional League of Youth, emphasized that there was nothing the Vice President could do to impress the youth, and for that matter the chiefs and people of Dagbon: Not even if he packed his belongings and settled at the Gbewa Palace in Yendi afterwards.

“His late visit is not going to have any impact on Dagbon or the youth because he was expected to be present at one of the two functions at least, since some people who did not even come from north turned up in their numbers to grace the occasions. We wanted him to be there and he has failed to be there. So even if he is coming from Heaven to visit the new Regent, that is his own cup of tea.”

Mincing no words, the youth leader continued, “He has failed us and has disgraced us, because here is where he started his life and must be participating in every activity, no matter the consequences. But if the Vice President decides to shy away from the people, Dagbon will still move forward because Dagbon is bigger than any individual-without Dagbon the Vice President cannot exist, but without him, Dagbon can still exist.”

He entreated Mr. Aliu Mahama to note that it was at this crucial moment of rebuilding the peace in the North that the people of Dagbon needed him the most, but if he continued to stay out of the peace process and abandon his responsibilities as a statesman, they would also advise themselves.

He also advised the youth to remain peaceful and tolerant in order to facilitate the peace building process in the area.

However, Mr. Abass Salifu pledged the total support of the entire youth in Dagbon for the new regent, the government, the Committee of three Eminent Chiefs, the National, Northern Regional and Yendi District Security Councils, Chiefs and all stakeholders who were working assiduously towards restoring lasting peace in Dagbon for accelerated development.

Naa Andani, a 34-year old teacher, was installed as the new regent of Dagbon following the murder of the Overlord of the kingdom four years ago.

He promised to do all in his power to bring peace to the area.

“I look forward to having a Dagbon for all Dagombas wherever they may be”, he promised on the day of his installation.

The vice president, in the last two weeks, went to Takoradi on a clean-up mission with his team, led by Mohammed Awal, his spokesman, who is on record to have publicly attacked ‘The Chronicle’ publisher, Nana Kofi Coomson and Madam Hawa Yakubu, accusing them of having a romantic relationship.

He was with Mr. David Aidoo (a.k.a. Okalla), a special assistant serving at the Ministry of Fisheries, who with Awal, pledged to stop Coomson from progressing with his rumoured plans to move into politics.

source: chronicle

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