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Andanis Outdoor Regent

2006-04-24 13:24:40
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THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life on Friday defied the rain and besieged Yendi to witness the outdooring ceremony of the regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Andani.

All Dagbon chiefs, drummers and warriors were in attendance to grace the occasion and pay their respects to the new regent, who will be in charge of the affairs of the Dagbon state until a new Ya-Na is chosen at a later date.

Naa Andani, a 34-year-old teacher, took office with a pledge that “the Dagbon I envisage is neither for the Andani Royal family nor the royal Abudu family. I look forward to (having a)Dagbon for all Dagombas wherever they may be.”

A combined team of the military and police had a hectic time controlling the crowed who appeared more interested in catching a glimpse of the new regent than listening to what was being said.

Addressing the crowd, Kampakuya Naa Andani gave the assurance that during his regency, he would solicit the support of everyone to ensure a united and peaceful Dagbon.

He said that he would cooperate with the Committee of Eminent Chiefs and “cousins from the Royal Abudu family to pursue the road-map that would bring the peace, unity and development that we all desire.”

Naa Andani called on all Dagombas not to see themselves as either an Andani or an Abudu, “but as one people with a common destiny,” stressed “we have a duty as Ghanaians to work together to ensure the prevalence of justice, the truth and the rule of law in Dagbon as a condition for true and genuine reconciliation.”

source: Times

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