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Dagbon Must Rebuild

2006-04-19 13:20:17
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Signs are beginning to show that the roadmap to enduring peace in the Dagbon Traditional Area will succeed however arduous the journey will be.

For the two gates- Abudu and Andani- to vehemently condemn the arson that followed the burial of the late Overlord of Dagbon, Na Yakubu Andani II, in which 16 houses belonging to both gates were destroyed, is an eloquent testimony that the people of Dagbon are yearning for peace.

Second, the elders from the Abudu Gate who said they could not attend the burial of the late Ya Na because they were not invited have agreed to mourn with their siblings at the Gbewa Palace.

The Andanis’ recognition of the government’s commitment towards a last solution to the problem must equally gladden the hearts of those concerned about the Dagbon Affairs.

Reports from Yendi indicated that people who saw the high-powered government delegation to the burial acknowledged it as a demonstration of government’s desire to find a solution to the problem.

Indeed, no serious government will take delight in fanning trouble for its people when it has to spend huge sums of money to ensure that the area has to return to normalcy.

Undeniably, in a situation such as the Dagbon affair where there has been bitterness over the death of the Ya Na, it will not be easy to forget about the unfortunate incident. However, the world must move on.

It is against this background that we find it extremely important the call made by Prince Imoro Andani, a senior special aide to the President.

He urged his compatriots to come together to set up a development agenda that will bring social and economic development to their people.

Evidently, should they heed his call, the people of Dagbon would be making effort, as he puts it, “in the resurrection of the great Dagbon Kingdom”.

The unveiled truth is that the area has enormous contribution to make towards the development of the country and that contribution cannot come when the people are not at peace with each other.

It is important that the youth should not allow themselves to be deceived by any enemy of peace into taking actions which are inimical to the enduring peace that all who wish Dagbon well are yearning for.

Another issue that needs to be considered is that now that the burial has been performed and the Committee of the Eminent Chiefs is moving on with the process, there must be a thorough search for the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

It must be admitted that such a search may not come overnight. We should thus have the patience to wait for the final outcome.

We need peaceful Dagbon where siblings pool resources for development.

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