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Clash of Tamale Bye-election and Burial of Yaa Na

2006-03-30 14:53:21
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The Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Mohammed Adam Amin-Anta has stated that the government and the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) would not tolerate any unscrupulous person who would capitalize on the proposed burial of the Ya Na and the Tamale Central by-election to import small arms and other weapons for the youth to disturb the relative peace the area was currently enjoying.

According to Amin-Anta, the government was committed to providing ample security to ensure and sustain peace during and after the burial of the slain overlord of Dagbon, Ya Na Yakubu Andani II, and the by-election, and would not put up with any impish move by any person or group of persons.

Speaking to newsmen in Tamale, the Deputy Minister emphasized that the two events were very distinguished and needed to be honoured by all to promote lasting peace and accelerated development in the area. He therefore warned the people not to make hell out of the clash of the two events.

He stated that even though Dagbon was enjoying relative peace, many people outside the region were still causing false alarms about the area and debunked the notion that Northern region was a war prone zone.

Mr. Amin-Anta disclosed among other things that REGSEC has began a house to house search for light weapons and small arms in and around the Tamale Metropolis as part of its security measures. He warned people who were keeping these weapons in their homes to either destroy or surrender them to the police to free themselves from future legal complications.

On whether REGSEC had plan to prevent future conflicts in the area, the Deputy Minister said, “Even though I will not be in position to tell the world the plans laid down by REGSEC, the government as I can assure you is committed to providing the requisite security to restore absolute peace in this particular region and some others across the country”.

He said also that Dagbon, for the past eight months, had enjoyed relative peace through what he termed government’s pro-activities, alertness and readiness to make good use of whatever intelligent information it received.

Mr. Anta noted that the government, in forestalling peace and also preventing the influx of small arms and light weapons in the region, particularly Dagbon, had tightened security at all the borders across the north. According to him, the police patrol team and other security forces had been deployed to various strategic areas in the Tamale Metropolis to work underground to discover any unusual situations that could lead to political or social disorders.

On the seemly sensitive and controversial issue of the burial of the late Ya Na and the April 4th Tamale Central by-election, which is currently facing mixed expressions from the public as to whether or not one of these two important events would be suspended in the interest of peace, Mr. Amin-Anta said, “Traditional issue is what I don’t want to comment on at all, but for the election, it is within the purvey of the Electoral Commission to also consider factors on the ground and determine whether or not the election should go on. But what I can say is that should the burial be done and the elections be conducted, we are committed as a government to use the resources of this country, including security agencies, to maintain peace and tranquility everywhere in the region”.

The Deputy Regional Minister therefore advised the youth in Dagbon to be mindful of such unscrupulous persons who would try to exploit their ignorance to mar the peace process for their selfish gains.

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