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Burial of Yaa-Na

2006-03-13 12:47:57
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Ya Naa Yakubu
There have been many times in the past when the public have been made to believe that an agreement has been reached for the entombment of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, who was murdered four years ago.

But each announcement or hint of the possible burial of the Overlord of Dagbon has been stalled by differences between the Andanis and Abudus as to how to approach the process.

We have so far refrained from commenting on these setbacks because we know that chieftaincy evokes emotions and passion which defy rational arguments.

More important, the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of Na Andani and the over-politicisation of the event, as well as past governments’ involvement in the Dagbon chieftaincy crises, make the issue so complicated that any outsider who dares to make a comment on them must exercise caution and diligence.

Otherwise, any hasty or uninformed commentary could affect the sensibilities of the people of Dagbon.
However, we are of the opinion that after all these years of internecine and fratricidal conflicts, the time has come for Na Andani to be laid to rest so that he can have his peace of mind to commune with his Maker.
The sacrifices and toil of the Committee of Eminent Chiefs must not be in vain. The reality, however, is that their toil will be useless so long as the Andanis and Abudus do not come to terms as to the steps to take to restore Dagbon to normalcy and the road to peace, law and order, as well as meaningful development.

In as far as the people allow partisan politics and parochial interests to overcrowd the collective interests of Dagbon, the problem will remain unresolved and sap the energies of all. Therefore, the time has come for reason to prevail.

The reality is that the people of Dagbon are not prepared for the dismembering of their state. They are equally not ready to sacrifice the skin. The only way to achieve this objective is to ensure that there is continuity in the reign of Ya-Nas.

That means they need to come to terms over how the next Ya-Na will be selected and enskinned. The appointment of a regent is only the first step. Without a regent, under Dagbon custom, there can be no burial, and unless there is a burial, no enskinment can take place.

Accordingly, since neither the Andanis nor the Abudus are ready to destroy the very basis of Dagbon kingship, they must be prepared to dialogue and come up with a solution that takes into account their collective interest beyond the present.

This is our plea to the good people of Dagbon. That way, the efforts of the government, well-meaning individuals and especially the Committee of Eminent Chiefs, led by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, would not have been in vain.

Dagbon must be reunited as the ultimate sacrifice by both the Andanis and Abudus.

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