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Dagbon After Election 2004

2005-02-14 10:45:25
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It is heart warming that election 2004 has passed on without any grave threat to the peace and stability of the Nation. With the exception of some few problems in some parts of the country, the election generally was peaceful, transparent and fair. This for me is victory for all Ghanaians no matter the political divide.

Ghanaians have demonstrated that they can pass the litmus test of democracy. I think we have to be proud as Ghanaians for the successful conduct of the 2004 election. This will in no doubt contribute tremendously to the positive image of the Nation abroad especially among the investor community. Democracy has taken roots in Ghana and all must endeavor to nurture and consolidate it. AYEKOO TO ALL GHANAIANS.

It is imperative however to note that certain disturbing issues in Dagbon cannot be glossed over in the spirit of Unity, Development and Democracy.

Firstly is the issue of people going about and making profane and provocative statements regarding the sad story of Yendi which culminated in the senseless murder of the Ya-Na and some of his elders. All will bear with me that this is a sensitive matter and must be treated as such. Any attempt by any body or group of persons to trivialize it must seriously be resisted by all well-meaning individuals.

Second is the apparent over politicization of almost everything in Dagbon to the extend that food and water are politicised. The taking in of a particular kind of food is seen as support for party A or B.Out-dooring and wedding ceremonies are not spared of this kind of perception. In a situation where essential requirements of life such as water and food among others are deeply politicized, one can think of the consequence. The society in Dagbon in particular and Ghana as a whole is so polarized that an urgent solution is required to forestall any calamity that might arise out of these deep divisions.

Thirdly is the break down of family tiers as a result of the sad story of Yendi and the events thereof. Some families, which were firmly united before this period, are now seriously divided. There have been divorce cases in some instances leading to the total collapse of some families. The children of such families become objects of ridicule and the repercussions upon them cannot be over emphasized. One can also guess without any iota of doubt the future of such children.

In addition to the above is the senseless brutalization and torture of innocent civilians by the military in the name of maintaining law and order. I cannot imagine why such senseless acts should go on when Ghana has made significant strides in her democratic dispensation. I ‘m seriously baffled at the show of bestialism by some of the military personnel in Tamale. These atrocities have been carried out under the pretext of implementing a directive by the RESEC.Even robots cannot act senselessly like that.

The dark days in Ghana when the military committed such atrocities and went away with it are over. There is no hiding place on this naked land for such horrendous acts courtesy of Democracy and the Rule of law.

I will use this opportunity to call for the streamlining of the recruitment process into the military so as to make it difficult if not impossible for people with very weak academic records from entering the military. Professionalism should be the watchword if only we want to rid our military of such acts.

I cannot complete this write-up without touching on the unfortunate and untimely demise of Alhaji Mobila.My heart bleeds profusely when I come to think of the mystery surrounding his death. It looks like somebody or a group of people some-where is not telling the truth. The culpability of the Military, Police or the BNI cannot be doubted. These three bodies owe Ghanaians and the immediate family of Alhaji Mobila an explanation regarding this unfortunate and callous act. This must be done within the shortest possible time.

Suffice it to say, lot needs to be done on the part of the government in particular and the people of Dagbon as a whole in order to put Dagbon on the pedestal of unity and development. The government must do more to live above partisan considerations and I will urge the people to move from entrenched positions towards consensus building. I must however warn that all these will depend on the way the government and state institutions conduct themselves.

by: Bawuko, Richid


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