The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TaMA) on Monday resumed its decongestion exercise within the central business district of the city to bring about discipline, sanity and orderliness on the roads, devoid of congestion and filth.

A task force, constituted to ensure success of the exercise, went round the central business district removing unauthorised structures as well as vendors and hawkers from the streets.

Areas affected as part of the exercise included the central business district, around and behind the area of the central market, from VRA area to Sakasaka and from central business district to Aboabu Traffic Light.

The exercise is in line with efforts by the city authorities to instil discipline within the principal streets of Tamale by ensuring that various public infrastructure outlay within the metropolis are used only for the purposes for which they were built.

In May, last year, TaMA undertook a decongestion exercise to ensure orderliness and sanity on the streets of the city but the exercise could not be sustained and unauthorized structures sprang up again in the central business area.

This was so as hawkers and other interest groups claimed they were not consulted prior to the exercise.

In a statement, TaMA said it consulted all stakeholders in the metropolis before resuming the decongestion exercise to ensure that they cooperated with the task force to ensure success of the exercise.

Meanwhile, vendors and traders have been asked to return to designated market places and areas they previously occupied.

source: GNA